Which Smart Home Automation Systems Provide Good Value?

Which Smart Home Automation Systems Provide Good Value?

16 June 2022
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When you perform a smart home installation, you'll want to automate as many things as possible. Which forms of smart home automation will produce the best value, though? Look at these four options to get the most from automating your planned smart home setup.


Especially if you're not going to be at home a lot, automating the thermostat is likely to provide the best bang for your buck. It is also a fairly simple smart home installation project because most newer systems are compatible with older wiring.

The advantage of automating the thermostat is you can have it use the climate controls less during the day when you're not present. If it's hot outside, for example, you will pay more to keep your home cool while you're gone.

Notably, the automation can also handle changes when you're coming home. If you tie the smart home automation system into your car's voice assistant, for example, the vehicle can tell the house when you'll be back. If you want the heat turned up on a cold day, the automated system can detect when you're about 15 minutes away and raise the thermostat setting.


The same logic applies to automating the lights in your home. Smart home automation tools can detect when someone is present in a room. When they leave, the system can automatically turn the lights off after so many seconds.

You also can have the system turn the outside lights on before you get home. This will make it safer to get to the door.


A smart home should also have a well-automated security system. If the system detects someone banging on a window or the front door, for example, it can send you a notification or even contact the police. Similarly, the automated system can detect fires, allowing it to initiate suppression measures or contact the fire department.

You also can use the security setup to check out minor disturbances. If an animal knocks over a garbage can on your property, for example, the system can detect it and send you a notice. You can then pull the video feed up on your phone or TV to see what's going on and where.


Some pets aren't very good at dealing with their daily eating and hydration needs. For example, you might have a cat that gorges on food if left unattended. You can, however, automate the feeding and watering processes.

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