You can still play PUBG Mobile in India After The Ban easily? But why?

 If you really want to play PUBG Mobiel after the ban, it’s not that difficult, just install the game’s APK and play normally.

It’s been a month since PUBG Mobile banned in India. The game has been removed from the Google Play Store and Indian App Store. Everything has settled Even professional players and streamers are looking forward to finding other games to join.

But there are still regular players who still play PUBG Mobile in different ways. It seems that the ban by the Indian government is not so strict as players can still play and update the game normally as long as PUBG Mobile is on the phone.

According to many players using Samsung and Xiaomi phones, when they press the update button in PUBG Mobile, they will be directed to the browser to download the APK file.After installing the APK file, the player will be able to open PUBG Mobile. And search for matching items normally Players without PUBG Mobile on their phone can download APK files from third-party sources to play normally. But of course there will be no specific events for Indian players as this is the international version.

So what can the ban do?

It’s very easy for the government if they want to block the game thoroughly, so no one in India can play PUBG Mobile, but they can’t. Still, while regular players are still able to play PUBG Mobile, the esports scene in PUBG Mobile is pretty dead with the disbanded esports team, the streamer has moved on to a different game.

There is no way for organizations to get into the PUBG Mobile tournament because it would be illegal.PUBG Mobile’s eSports scene has just begun, with a larger team of supporters, better results. But now all possibilities are gone.

The Indian team has officially left PMPL Fall South Asia, and several major PUBG Mobile tournaments in India such as PUBG Mobile Campus have been canceled.

The PUBG Mobile community in India is now very gone as there will be fewer and fewer players with no professional streamers and players.

They are not required to completely ban the game to kill PUBG Mobile in India as the game will gradually fade away as the best players take their influence.

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