10 Best Games of 2005

10 Best Games of 2005

Games today a game Rancher here to talk about the top 10 games from 2005 starting.

10 Best Games of 2005-best 2005 games
Number #10 we have Kingdom Hearts 2 which came out a mere three years after the original game which in a modern context may sound kind of insane giving the gap between this and it’s numbered sequel but that’s a discussion for another time anyway in that three years 
developers streamlined and fine-tuned a lot of things that were kind of annoying in the original game and just made it a way more fun game to play when you put the two Best Games of 2005 side-by-side the game is still a hack-and-slash action RPG but abilities are 
switched up Sora now has a series of different forms he can use to increase battle prowess after filling up his drive gauge new context sensitive reaction commands were added which really helped improve the flow of combat and kept things feeling fresh while also fixing 
things that players disliked in the first game like the gummi ship segments camera issues and a lack of a map the game picked up right after the events of the Game Boy Advance exclusive chain of Memories showing that they were up to their release and lore shenanigans even 
then but with the new story and characters introduced there were a lot of new enemy types in a world to explore that weren’t in the original it’s an overall better package in the first game in almost every single way although I know some may disagree as far as the story goes 

but when it comes to gameplay and systems Kingdom Hearts 2 really takes the cake it is an absolute joy to play even going back to it now moving on to 

Number #9 we have lego star wars the video game this is actually a pretty big one this is the first Lego game developed by Traveller’s Tales the team that made all of the good Lego games and still makes all the good Lego games right away travelers tail started to really put their 
spin on it with their recognizable humor they’re really fun gameplay plus its Legos and Star Wars two of the most fun things ever this was a solid ass game – there were some really fun puzzles it wasn’t too hard but wasn’t too easy to the point of like coasting through it and the 
gameplay was best pc games 2005legitimately fun and it was even better when played with a friend or younger sibling it was a very family-friendly game and anyone could jump in and play it and know what was going on and these games are still coming out there’s a new Star Wars one coming out this year actually and at 
Number #8 let’s just get this out of the way right now Devil May Cry 3 is awesome it’s not only a great Devil May Cry game but it’s widely regarded as one of the best character action games ever made and shows up on countless best of the ps2 list that came out at the end of the generation it’s great which is also a little shocking giving the not-so-great reviews and 
reception of Devil May Cry 2 just two years earlier Devil May Cry 3 built on the solid foundation that was established in the original and really took it to another level instead of a sequel the game went back to where it all began showing you Dante’s origins and history with his brother Virgil which became a huge theme for the series going forward the gameplay 
Is where this one truly shines though the stylish combat the series is known for is in top form here with the ranking system rewarding you for keeping things fresh and changing up your attack styles and weapon types as you hack and slash enemies collecting orbs and building up Best Games of 2005 your devil trigger for devastating attacks the game also introduced a.
series of combat styles for Dante to use which included the quick and agile trickster style the damage dealing sword master the more defensive Royal Guard time altering Quicksilver as well as a doppelganger style they let a shadow Dante fight alongside you pair that with the 
ability to switch between two weapons and two guns during combat on the fly letting you just keep combos going and juggling enemies pretty much as long as you wanted to and it really is some of the best action you can get and still holds up to this day moving on to.
Number #7 the battlefield series has been through a lot of changes since its inception but battlefield 2 has kind of always been a really high bar that almost all future installments had been compared to in one form or another battlefield 2 was a more refined version of the 
concepts established in the first game adding things like the ability to revive down teammates and really leaning into map design and keeping that more hardcore tactical shooter experience intact while also making smart changes that encourage more tactical 
approaches and best pc games 2005cooperation when you get down to it battlefield 2 is the turning point where modern battlefield games were born the previous entry is battlefield 1942 and battlefield vietnam were awesome we’re not denying that but so much of those 
earlier games ultimately devolved into players just huddling around capture points for way too long to try and get a win battlefield 2 got players out there and on the move with the introduction of the squad mechanic which implemented squad leaders and mobile spawn 
points on those squads which really encouraged players to break from the control points and try to dominate the map and it ultimately changed the series for the better next up at 
Number #6 we have Shadow of the Colossus and man this is a very important video game and one of the games I’d show someone when trying to explain that video games are art it’s also able to do so much with so little I mean the story is kind of bare-bones but there’s enough 
there to really get you emotionally invested and the world that you’re traveling through is super minimal in design and I think it helps the player keep their focus on the task at hand nothing else matters more than dealing with the Colossus now that’s something that isn’t 
minimal for one they’re huge fighting that first one is still etched into my brain and they’re almost puzzle like there’s a very specific way to take them down you can’t just run in throwing your sword around you really have to focus and figure out how to take down these 
giants and they’re not easy either they weren’t crazy hard sure but they definitely take a good amount of time and effort and it’s all tied up with the perfect bow that is the soundtrack everything works together to complement the other and it’s just perfect Blue Point did put best 2005 games.
out a remaster on ps4 and it’s great you should check it out but the OG ps2 release also holds up very well this is definitely in my personal opinion one of the most important video games of all time coming in at 
Number #5 we have Call of Duty 2 this is a big one for me this was one of my first Xbox 360 games along with condemned if I remember correctly this is the first game I actually played on the 360 and the first real HD game that I ever saw my family had just gotten our first HDTV 
a few weeks prior and men I was blown away everything just looked so sharp and it was a Call of Duty games so of course it looked really good and the sounds of the gunshots were so believable and real and the campaign was such a blast and I played it over and over again and 
those snow levels come on then there was the multiplayer which was revolutionary for me because before this I hadn’t really been crazy into multiplayer shooters yeah I dabbled in Halo 2 but didn’t like get into it the way everyone else did Call of Duty 2 will always be my

favorite Call of Duty I think it’s definitely a special game for me and at 

Number #4 we have Splinter Cell chaos theory first off can we talk about how this is an xbox game like an OG xbox game and it doesn’t look like it it definitely could pass as an early 360 game I think especially with the lighting overall it was a huge improvement for the series and 
made the gameplay smoother more accessible while still being challenging this is where the Splinter Cell gameplay that we all know and love like really laid down its foundation from here on out they just kept building off of this one it also has that first rain level which looked 
unreal at the time and still looks great I don’t know I think that this is Splinter Cell in its finest form personally I liked double agent blacklist is great so is conviction but chaos theory was the last true splinter cell game and I know that sounds bad and I don’t mean it to sound bad I 

just think it’s the most Splinter Cell splinter cell game if that makes any sense at all and at Best Games of 2005 next.

Number #3 we have God of War the first one and it really had it all the overall graphics and visuals looked incredible at the time and really acted as a showcase what the PlayStation 2 can do on top of that it took someone the best hack and slash action gameplay and wrapped it 
up in what was at the time a very interesting and mature story playing God of War just felt right the combat was smooth fluid and just wrecking hordes of dudes with Kratos and his blades of chaos was incredibly satisfying the puzzles were smart and intuitive and took 
advantage of the best pc games 2005environments they built and served that’s a nice break from the combat before throwing you right back into the thick of it there are a few games that set a tone at the start that’s so good and so effective that they’re able to maintain it for 
over a decade and even after enacting such a drastic shift and entering a whole new setting as was the case with 2018 s God of War but they managed to do it and all that stuff that still holds true today was laid out in that initial framework in 2005 and it’s impressive as hell coming down to. 
Number #2 all right so we know Guitar Hero wasn’t the first music and rhythm game out there but it was definitely the one solely responsible for bringing that genre into the mainstream and making them a household thing and while future iterations of the series and its 
competitors like rock band definitely did a lot more with the premise the original Guitar Hero was a monumental release that really changed the landscape for gaming in a big way Guitar Hero basically built on the rhythm framework of Harmonix previous games frequency and 
amplitude with an almost identical note highway structure but rather than synth and pop music went into the world of rock and introduced the guitar controller which really did end up changing the game the first iteration had only 30 tracks but they covered quite a lot of 
genres with music from bands like Pantera David Bowie Judas Priest British chili peppers The Ramones it’s a solid foundation that was supplemented by 17 bonus songs that could be unlocked with in-game money so yeah it’s pretty cool like we said earlier sure future 

iterations and imitators definitely ended up doing things better but the impact of the first guitar hero on games and gaming culture is undeniable so we needed to pay its dues here and finally at 

Number #1 we have resin Evil 4 considered by many to be the best Resident Evil game I think it might be the best newer res neela game for sure but like come on the first one totally the best one but anyway the reason that people really like resonable 4 was in a lot of the changes 
that have made resonable formula first off the camera angle changed to behind the shoulder and fixed camera angles were gone they also made it way more action heavy and probably one of the biggest changes there weren’t any zombies technically yeah there were villagers that were infected with that parasite and most villagers in general moved slow and zombie-
like but they weren’t zombies you know what I mean but yeah this game reviewed very well at pretty much every outlet and fans loved it to the changing gameplay is probably what it was most praised for I guess whereas evil really didn’t need to change up it also went on to be called one the greatest video games of all time which is wild but also awesome 
unfortunately the next to mainline res evil game straight even further from what resin evil once was and one was good but one was also really not good and deviated way too far before we go we have some bonuses for you first up we have Nintendogs remember Nintendogs it was really cool to have a real time pet best pc games 2005simulator in your pocket you can 
interact with them with the touch of you know the screen and microphone play with them with a bunch of toys groom them stuff like that it was also a lot of fun and was really unique at the time and we missed this type of weird little game that kind of like represented the best 2005 games
entire d/s era next we have Jade Empire a Bioware RPG set in the fantasy world heavily influenced by Chinese mythology it used a morality system those introduced previously in Knights of the Old Republic that had a really cool story an incredibly fun combat it’d be worth 
mentioning based on the fact that it was Bioware its first original IP but it being a really cool game that often gets forgotten in the greater Bioware conversation may just want to talk about it here then we have mercenaries playground of destruction this one is just good pure open-world fun with you playing as mercenaries in a fictional conflict with North Korea yeah 
there’s a story but honestly at its core it’s a game just about running around and blowing stuff up and when it comes to that it it’s a straight-up rules and finally we have Star Wars Republic Commando a first-person shooter in the Star Wars universe a takes place right at the end of 
Attack of the Clones and follows Delta Squad an elite group of clone troopers on their missions through places like Kashyyyk Genesis and the like it’s a really cool concept and despite being short has a solid story with some pretty good writing and characters that really 

help flesh out that era of the Star Wars Canon so yeah we’re into it and those are the 10 best games from 2005.

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