Video Game Easter Eggs

Video Game Easter Eggs

sometimes Easter eggs are fanservice and sometimes they’re not hi folks it’s falcon and today on game rings 10 video game easter eggs that were very insulting starting off at 

Video Game Easter Eggs

Number 10 

A nice recent one for you Metal Gear Solid 5 the phantom pains chicken hat in this tactical stealth action game you’re given a lot of tools but none of them are as goofy as the chicken hat getting it is very simple you just die a lot in quick succession Video Game Easter Eggs and you’ll have the option to wear this thing it looks utterly ridiculous but it also makes it so if enemies notice

you they’ll just fall asleep it does only work three times and if they find you a fourth time it’ll disappear but still it’s crazy powerful as far as insults go I mean it’s kind of just gentle ribbing it looks ridiculous and they give it to you because you demonstrate to the game that you

either suck at the game or very intentionally playing it badly but Metal Gear games are full of ridiculous stuff so it doesn’t really feel totally out of place and in terms of what it does obviously it’s actually pretty useful still it’s kind of hard to feel like a badass with a cartoon chicken on your head that you got because you died a bunch of times moving on to

Number 9 

Is spec ops the lines meta messages like this is basically what the game is entirely about it’s just confronting the player what starts off is a pretty standard third-person shooter in an interesting and visually unique environment quickly becomes hostile not just to the character you play as but to the player as the game goes on you start to see weird messages

and the loading screens taking place where you might usually see game tips and all that stuff like this is all your fault and you’re here because you wanted to feel like something you’re not my hero and you know other generally insulting stuff like that I’ll leave it up to you to decide if this kind of thing is affecting or not

but it’s definitely a message and is a big part of calling out the player which is kind of a big part of the game and some of them are just like flat-out rude too they’re like if you were a better person you wouldn’t be here I mean I can’t tell you if that’s true as I’m sure a bunch of genuinely good people made the virtual place that here I mean damn this is flat-out insulting moving on at 

Number 8 

Is ninja gaiden blacks ninja dog mode I mean this is a classic one in this game for xbox if you died too many times and the game gives you the option them switch them into dog mode which really goes out of its way to make fun of you for playing an easy mode first you get a pink bow that massively increases your attack power also you’re no longer a ninja.

master your apprentice Ayane takes over as the master making sure to remind you how much you suck every time you get one of our tutorial messages hell they take your player character due out of the title screen and replace him with I ami just to pour a little more salt on the wound compared to other action game easy modes like even the automatic.

mode in Bayonetta ninja dog mode is still actually fairly challenging it’s just the game throws you a lot of bones no pun intended it doesn’t play the game for you so it’s maybe a little less insulting than those automatic modes you see in games now but still the game calls you a ninja dog and tries to taunt you with the color of the weapons it awards you and at,

Number 7 

waverace blue storms evil announcer this is kind of a bizarre one actually this was a launch title way back for the Nintendo GameCube and there’s a cheat in it that makes the announcer normally actually a pretty cool feature in the game simply insult you the entire,

time [Music] that’s it you just play the game and the announcer makes fun of you it’s such a strange thing to put in the game that it took over a decade for people to even notice it that no idea this cheat was even there for ten years to actually put in the cheat you have to do some really specific things there’s a weird waveform at the bottom of the screen and the audio 

options menu first you need to keep tapping Z until the waveform takes a specific for him many sources describe it as a rising fog but uh I don’t know looks like lines so now you put in the code and if it works you get a tone last you have to pick the first character on the character select screen do all that and hopefully you’ll get this cheap working if it does you’ll notice an immediate change in the announcers demeanor you have chosen poorly it’s 

actually less like they’re annoying and Video Game Easter Eggs insulting more like they’re genuinely just evil [Music] looking forward to another miserable display you have in store for me they say stuff like futures poorly and queek bizarre stuff like that it actually kind of reads like a creepypasta but it’s real and it’s pretty nuts,

Number 6 

Is total distortions you are dead song this 1995 adventure game loves to insult you if this list were just about the quantity of insults in a game this might have been 

number one if you fail a p
uzzle in moxie you die and check the game’s award screen calls you a loser you play on easy mode the game makes fun of you just never stops probably the funniest though is the guitar warrior where if you die it’ll play you an entire two-minute song making fun of you for dying and I mean it just keeps going two minutes doesn’t seem

like it could feel like a long time but even though this is a funny and enjoyable song it does really seem to never stop it’s got amazing lyrics like and it just goes to great lengths to rub it in that you died it’s probably one of the most elaborate insults ever in a video game and it’s also fairly clear that the person making it is not like a professional musician so I don’t know

how long it took to make but everything about it is great I loved it completely with all of my self and

Number 5 

Is the demolition man game where Sylvester Stallone makes fun of you it’s less of an easter egg and more of kind of just a game over insult but when you lose all your lives in the 1994 FMV game based off the demolition man movie you get Sly Stallone himself .

and soliton you in numerous ways followed by a chorus of laughing children so not only do you get dressed down by rocking himself literal children laugh at you for not doing good in a video game like it’s so over-the-top we gotta at least mention it here probably the most ridiculous line in it is that he calls you puke Skywalker and tells you to use the Force which

doesn’t even make sense at all hey Luke Skywalker use the Force like we all know what Star Wars is but Star Wars obviously has nothing to do with demolition man or anything that Sylvester Stallone has ever done so what horrible yet terrible ugly disgust you and,

Number 4 

Is space quest ones instant replay the Sierra adventure games made by two guys from Andromeda Scott Murphy and Mark Crowe art notorious for their elaborate ways they can kill you and they very often add an insult to injury the most elaborate death out of all of

them came in the Space Quest one remake where if you choose to stick your hand in this very obvious pool of acid you get this elaborate seeing where the guys from Andromeda appear to insult you for doing something so obviously deadly in a game so notorious for killing the player going along with this game gives you the instant replay of the death along with helpful pointers and circles to really hammer the point home it’s basically the game

finding a really elaborate way to say duh and over three is the lost world Jurassic Park sarcastic Jeff Goldblum yep bad is right Jeff Goldblum appears to insult you at the end of the lost world Jurassic Park for ps1 like really like that’s a real thing he only appears in the secret ending sly otherwise it wouldn’t be much of Easter egg.

but here’s how to get it you have to collect all of the DNA bonuses in every level playing as every character basically after.

a hundred percent the game playing as every character and it’s a lot you got a play as compy a hunter a velociraptor a t-rex and you’ve finished it up with Sarah Harding and you have to get every DNA bonus in every level you do all that and you watch the secret ending it’s supposed to be Ian Malcolm Jeff Goldblum’s character from the Jurassic Park series but the comments

He makes are pretty clearly directed at the player rather than something going on in the world of Jurassic Park basically he congratulate you for finishing the game in a sarcastic possible way way to go before telling you to go outside yeah he’s definitely just insulting you and wasting your time but it is genuinely funny and it feels worth it for some reason which is maybe a personal flaw in all of us well you are something that.

Number 2 

Is the Dirty Harry ha ha ha room this is a particularly evil one it’s a pretty crappy game too way back in the NES days based off the Dirty Harry movies there’s a room you can find a evil room might a go ahead and say that’s gone down in videogame history as a total after you to the player how you might ask is pretty simple a big part of the gameplay involves going through doors. 

Apartment buildings and going inside rooms to find stuff sometimes you get something useful sometimes it’s waste of time dead end but they all have one thing in common you can actually leave that’s what makes the hahaha room so evil randomly while you’re exploring the first level you can open up a door no big deal you’ve done it a dozen times already .

But wait what is this there is no door out it just says ha ha ha in place of a door you literally cannot leave that’s it you’re stuck only way out the reset button isn’t that just super-fun I mean why would they put a room like this in the game just to be dicks I guess that’s kind 

of the only possible answer like this room sucks and also the game sucks like itself it’s not a great game anyways so let’s just move on the point is the developers for that game were dicks and finally landing us at number one Mass Effect 3’s reject the glowy kid this one’s really meta and it’s also kind of a huge spoiler for the end of Mass Effect 3

so if you haven’t played a nearly decade old game spoiler alert anyways this takes a little explanation so buckle in see what Mass Effect 3 came out people played the game they saw the ending and they were pissed basically it amounts to a glowy little kit called the catalyst which is basically a super AI that controls the Reapers and gives you three options 

the infamous red blue or green that has been memed to hell and back players hated it because no matter what anything he chose you pretty much completely alter the entire universe and the fates and most of the characters are left ambiguous it also doesn’t help that you’re basically just doing what some glowing AI tells you to do an

AI that was introduced just minutes before the final choice is made so people were a bit disappointed to put it mildly how people express this in the public sphere was hefty enough that Bioware listened in an unprecedented move they kowtow to people’s complaints and made an extended cut basically explaining the original endings and offering a new fourth option it’s kind of the ultimate insult though if people thought that get a little more actual Video Game Easter Eggs.

agency in this role-playing game they were mistaken when you take the fourth option and reject the catalyst three endings oops the Reaper purge is successful and everyone you know is dead another job well done so yeah maybe you chose the fourth option just to see if something new would happen like they use the catalysts in some way or you can get like a true ending that’s not so grim but nope just hard cuts to this weird scene where you either.

Hear about how everyone died and the next galactic civilization came around did things right it’s not a direct insult to the player but they’re basically saying the player made the wrong choice it’s also punch the gut for anyone hoping there would be a new better ending that maybe tied things up in a more positive way now I’m not gonna lie there is a part of me that really likes what they did with this I mean it’s kind of a fantastic trolling but there’s another.

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