PUBG Player Shows His Love For The Game By Baking A Gigantic Erangel Map Cake

PUBG Player Shows His Love For The Game By Baking A Gigantic Erangel Map Cake

Gamer and baker – all in one, that’s what we call a “complete package”

PlayerUnknown’s Battleground (PUBG) recently baked a giant cake with a Erangel map to express his passion for the game. PUBG has been a Battle Royale blockbuster in recent years. The game has a gigantic fan community, which includes people from different walks of life. As a result, you can expect many great side stories surrounding a group of people. And in this case, the baker is the center of attention.

Recently, a short clip about the baker and his special product was uploaded to the community. A TikTok account called “Zinmieee” recreated the Erangel PUBG map on a giant cake. He recorded the baking process and posted it on a social network. Soon, the clip spread throughout the PUBG community.

Looking at the Erangel cake, PUBG players can easily recognize the familiar sight that they roam every day. From the urban war in Pochinok, the fiery territory of the military base to the port of Novorepnoe … All details are carefully developed, creating an edible version of the game map. The gamer did not share how long it took him to complete the giant cake, but, apparently, it is not so easy to do.

You can enjoy the whole cake, as it is completely made from edible ingredients. Its base is made from ice cream dyed in food colors to make the card image attractive. The cake looks so beautiful that no PUBG gamer dares to eat it.

Whether it’s a PC or a mobile version, PUBG always has its own way to attract the attention of players. It can be intriguing gameplay, constantly changing mechanics and, of course, a vibrant community. A perfect example is the Erangel cake with the image of Zinmi.

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