Top Five Old Games Play During The Lockdown

Top Five Old Games Play During The Lockdown

Mobile games are fun, fun and never out of date. There are many old mobile games that are still fun and interesting. Check them out here.

Mobile games are fun, fun and never out of date. Recently, many new games have appeared. However, old mobile games are still fun and interesting. Check out the top five mobile games that are old but still fun here with

Jetpack Joyride (2011)

This old fun mobile game was developed by Halfbrick Studios. This is one of the legendary mobile games that was launched in 2011. Playing this fun game, players click to fly and avoid traps such as rockets, lasers and electric barriers. In addition, you use your jetpack to hit scientists running in the game. Various types of jetpacks can be used in this game, such as Lil Stomper, Dragon Crazy Nutty Teleporter, and Mr. Cuddles.

Doodle Jump (2009)

Doodle Jump was developed by Lima Sky LLC. This old game is simple and easy, but still funny and sometimes complicated. In this fun game, you will control the character to jump on the moves, avoid traps and shoot at enemies. If you miss the tilt and fall, you lose the game. Once you start playing Doodle Jump, you just can’t stop it. It is the perfect choice for a boring day in prison.

Vector (2010)

This classic game is a NEKKI product and is inspired by parkour action. Players will control the silhouette, trying to avoid chasing another silhouette to escape from its office. You just have to slide your fingers across the phone screen so that it jumps and slides. Everything seems to be simple, but the vector is also complex. There are 20 levels to complete during blocking.

Fruit Ninja® (2010)

Fruit Ninja is another legendary and iconic mobile game developed by Halfbrick Studios. In this game you need to chop the fruits that appear on the phone screen. However, do not cut the bombs. If you cut the bomb and make it explode, you lose the game. In addition, if you let the fetus fall without cutting it three times, you will lose too. This is a very interesting and relaxing game that you can play in a lockout.

Cut The Rope (2010)

This is a classic puzzle game that is fun and addictive. You need to cut the ropes to drop the candy in the mouth of the green monster. It’s not just like what you imagine. You must predict the action of the monster and the movement of the candy to cut the rope at the right time.

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