PS5 price and pre-order cost and when can you buy?

PS5 price and pre-order cost and when can you buy?

What will be the price of the PS5? Sony is silent, but let’s check the details for now.

While the information on the console starts to flow a little faster, the price of the PS5 seems to be one of the last things Sony wants to talk about. But this does not mean that we are completely ignorant of what to expect in terms of possible PS5 production orders.
PS5 price and pre-order cost and when can you buy
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And let’s face it, given that Sony hasn’t even shown the console design yet, the lack of a PS5 fixed price isn’t all that surprising. Not to mention that the price of pre-ordering the Xbox Series X is also not confirmed, as both companies clearly hope that the other will start blinking first. But hey, if they want to cut each other up, this is good news for us gamers. However, the situation is improving, we recently met for the first time with the new DualSense PS5 controller.

Recent rumors point to the PS5 disclosure event on June 4, at which we expect to see some games in action, although we can only guess whether we will finally see the console design itself. The previous “unveil” event focused on internal equipment that you can really dive into by reading our PS5 spec guide.

This wide range of specifications gave us an idea of ​​the PS5 price range, mainly because it could very well be more expensive than we thought. Especially considering the fast speed offered by the SSD storage system, which can even give serious competition to download speeds from insanely expensive PCs. If you want to know a little how SSDs can speed up your life, be sure to check out our guide to choosing the best PS4 SS4 drives.

The price of the PS5 could also be much higher if Sony opted for a larger SSD. This is due to the fact that this is a less expensive model with a capacity of 825 GB (we initially expected 1 TB) with an emphasis on its amplification using separate hard drives to reduce the total cost of the console. Although this has not been confirmed, this implies that the cost of the PS5 should not be as significant as it could be – many SSDs, after all, cost hundreds of dollars. And despite the fact that it is less than 1 TB of NVMe SSD, as seen in the Xbox Series X specification.

It is rumored that Sony has released a limited batch of initial PS5 stocks, so we just have to hope that we can put on our gloves when it comes out. This is due to coronavirus, and it is far from clear how strong the impact will be and whether it will extend to the Xbox Series X. The same article also indicates that the price of the PS5 can be in brackets from 499 to 549 dollars, but this is only referring to sources “close to Sony”, so this is a delicate matter.

However, if you pamper us a bit, let’s make some good old assumptions. We have compiled a rough idea of ​​the price of the PS5 based on what we already know about its characteristics, and described in detail these elaborate suspicions below on this page. Let’s talk about PS5 packages first.

What PS5 packages and offerings does Sony start with?

Considering that no games for the PS5 have yet been announced, we are a little ahead of us – we have already speculated on what upcoming games for the PS5 may appear this year.
As with any console launch, there will of course be PS5 packages from retailers. We do not expect big discounts on the PS5 bundled with software – if any. This is just the reality of running windows.
We expect Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, as well as the inevitable FIFA 21 and the new Call of Duty to receive special packages for the PS5 with the game included in the package. We hope that Sony will continue the tradition of releasing its sets with physical copies, as this adds significant resale value. In the past few years, Microsoft has taken a different path with the Xbox One packages, focusing only on boot codes.
Nintendo is the same with Switch packages. We really would not be surprised to see Sony give up and go the same way with PS5 pre-order packages. Although the fingers are crossed, otherwise we all may need a new broadband agreement to download these giant installation files!
Some retailers may want to take advantage of the complete PS5 games and offer something else that is worth your while. Maybe a few months free PlayStation Plus, a subscription to Spotify Premium, or perhaps a dock for charging the DualSense controller. PS5 pre-orders haven’t even officially begun yet, but we’ll keep you posted right here, or you can even subscribe to the hottest news updates below.

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