How to watch the Apex Legends Reveal Character

How to watch the Apex Legends Reveal Character

”The Legacy of the Thief falls out later today, and probably represents Loba.”

Apex Legends is about to show off its latest character, which is likely to appear along with season 5 on May 12th. Brand new stories from Outland come out on April 30 at 10:00 PST / 13:00 EST / 18:00 BST, and you can watch them at the link above,

All signs indicate that this is the debut of Loba (aka Rosie), a moving thief whose father was brutally murdered by the new Legend of last season, Revenant. Not only was the data developer already leaked into Loba’s character model and details, but Respawn sent out cryptic tweets that, when viewed, seem to affect her.

The first interesting tweet, apparently, contains a data panel containing a bunch of text and notes attached to the front. The text was actually released earlier – when Revenant entered the arena. The notes, however, add a new layer to this story, as the person who writes them seems obsessed with the desire to examine the robot code, its assembly, and all that, probably in a way that it can crack (or otherwise destroy) it. The second tweet also confirms this.

At first glance, it seems that this GIF is entirely related to the type of Revenant robot – Simulacrum, which debuted in the Titanfall series for the first time. Simulacra are machines in which the human mind is loaded, and, as the Rock Paper gun points out, it looks like Hammond Robotics keeps human remains somewhere in place.
Can Loba track down the human remains of the Revenant, trying to destroy them, which can make it impossible to return the creepy robot from the brink of death, as its Death Totem allows? Hell, this Apex Legends story is cool.

We learn more about Lob sooner than later, and I could not be more excited

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