WWE 2K Battlegrounds is the new coming soon this 2020 year

WWE 2K Battlegrounds is the new coming soon this 2020 year

Winner winner, dinner

2K Games features WWE 2K Battlegrounds, a bizarre and outlandish interpretation of WWE 2K’s annual standard offer.
Designed by Saber Interactive, Battlegrounds boasts an “arcade-style action and superstar Superstar design, ambience and movement.” Some scenes in the teaser trailer are similar to Street Fighter and Tekken in their sincere commitment to self-deception. In the battle between John Cena and Scala, the latter throws the former through the upper rope and, possibly, in the jaw of a giant alligator. In another, Becky Lynch has fists of fire, while Charlotte Flair … is radioactive?
After WWE 2K20 got out of control and started with a lot of technical errors, it was expected that in 2020 there will be no WWE game. WWE interim finance director Frank Riddick himself said: “The launch of the game will not be this year.” This is still true, despite the disclosure of this new game. WWE 2K Battlegrounds is a “different type of WWE game” described by former WWE writer Justin Leaper. Also, the wild performances of Battlegrounds seem to have sprung from the original WWE 2K20 DLC, which included swamps, tombs, and much more for matches.
“2K and WWE reaffirm their long-term commitment to expanding the WWE Games family in ways that directly benefit you fans,” 2K Games said. “We spend the time needed to ensure the quality you deserve, and at the same time offer new experiences and ways to have fun with your favorite WWE superstars … And that’s the point,” 2K said! “
WWE 2K Battlegrounds is under development and will be launched in the last months of this year. See the teaser trailer below.


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