Call of Duty Modern and bug fixes

Call of Duty Modern and bug fixes

Bug fixes Call of Duty 

Call of Duty Modern and bug fixes
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Data package download will be launched on PS4 and Xbox One

The latest update to the Infinity Ward community covers the upcoming Call of Duty: Modern Warfare patch, which will add many life-quality bug fixes along with some playlist updates.

In addition to studio plans for fraud in Modern Warfare and Warzone, Infinity Ward also announced that on April 28 it will be available to download a data package for the Xbox One and PS4 as part of the upcoming update. Players who own Modern Warfare will need to download a data package to access Modern Warfare, and it will have about 15 GB. The message states that first you will need to download the patch, and then select any mode in which you get to the installation menu, where you will need to download “Data Package 1” from the menu. Once this is loaded, you will have to close the game and restart it.

Along with the data package, Modern Warfare will see some playlist updates. Full notes for the patch have not yet been released, but the message says that Shoot the Ship 24/7 will be available in Warfare and will also include Deathmatch Cranked and Grind modes. Shoot the Ship mode also introduces some “fun shootout variations” and is pretty tempting to something “new for the chase”, but it’s pretty easy on the details. No doubt we will find out very soon. This post also teases Obsidian Camo and has the ability to mix and match attachments with drawing weapons “according to your heart, even with other drawing weapons.”

While we expect the full patch notes to come out later this week, here are some bug fixes listed by Infinity Ward that will be fixed in the last patch:

  • Fixed a bug due to which PC players using the Vega64 GPU could see distorted contours around their characters and weapons models.

  • Fixed a bug due to which when the USEF 1 cover was selected for the Mil-Sim operator as the default cover in the cooperative,

  • Adjusted speed and lap size in Warzone

  • Fixed a bug due to which, when completing tasks for completion for SKS, the corresponding camouflages for Renetti were unlocked.

  • Fixed a bug due to which camouflage unlock for SKS did not match other camouflage calls for rifle rifles.

  • Fixed a bug due to which the “Hard Wired” skill for Alex appeared in thermals when Cold Blooded is equipped

  • Fixed a bug where some watches showed the wrong direction with gestures

  • Fixed a bug due to which players could lose the ability to choose their favorite faction in the “Operator” menu

  • Fixed a bug due to which it was possible to see white lighting when moving or firing weapons in certain places

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