Release Notes Sea of Thieves Emissaries Guide

Release Notes Sea of Thieves Emissaries Guide

The latest Sea of Thieves update has been released, and although it is not as widely advertised as the first update anniversary in April, the content package for the second anniversary can change the game’s metadata in ways we have not seen before. If you are not comfortable with the emissaries and how they work in the Ships of Fortune update, here is an explanation that should help you find your sea feet and maximize the gold you hide.

What are emissaries to a sea of   thieves?

As part of this story, players can become emissaries of any of the usual trading companies, as well as a new one, but we will return to this soon. As Emissaries, players complete their usual quests, but this time every quest action you perform – defeating skeletons as Emissaries of the Soul Order, digging up chests as Emissaries of the Golden Chest, etc. – will increase your rewards. There are five levels of emissary rank, and it is reset with each session.

This means that every time you enter the game, you have a new chance to reach such a level as a class 5 emissary. Each class evaluates and receives factors, which means that you will become rich and famous (and a pirate legend) much faster if you continue to increase your rating.What’s the Catch?

The catch here is the new trading company, “Bones of the fear-reaper.” By joining the Golden Shells, the Order of Souls, the Union of Merchants and Fortune Athens (Pirate Legend exclusive company), Reaper’s Bones is the fifth company to accept you as an Emissary. While companies like Golden Chests are looking for treasure chests, and Merchants are looking for cargo and livestock, the Reapers are only looking for one: sunken ships.

As a Reaper, you can chase traditional prey like any other, and sell it to your ghostly quest giver in the updated Reaper Shelter, but you will also receive the biggest bonuses for sinking other emissary ships. This will leave their flag in water as a new selling item. Strong protection of this flag in the Vault is the true goal of Reaper’s Bones, which means that PvP is likely to grow at sea in the coming weeks and months.
Release Notes Sea of Thieves Emissaries Guide
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What if I don’t like PvP?

There is a significant portion of Sea of ​​Thieves Adventure mode players who prefer to play PvPvE without this second P, and these players may be worried that they are doomed to the sea now that ship flooding is being stimulated more significantly. But don’t be afraid – there are ways to get around the conflict.

It is important to note that the Reapers can only sell flags of other emissary ships, not standard ships. Therefore, they have no reason to sink a typical ship on which there is no emissary flag – at least there is no new reason. Some people may still want your prey (or tears) just as before.

Rare made sure that when re-sinking, pirate bills were also not paid, since the same emissary ship can only be sunk several times with declining rewards, until there is no reward at all. Thus, even the most cruel Reapers will not be able to profit from the newly visited water graves of other pirates.

It is also worth knowing that while other emissaries can see the reapers and their level of emissaries on their tables on the maps (as well as under the flag of the Mark of the reaper), these reapers cannot see you, although any pirate can see how many ships emissaries in every lobby. This way you will know which company is best to join. For example, if your team is in a game with a large number of emissary ships, but there are no Reapers yet, it may pay to take on this role. On the other hand, if there are already several ships flying the Gold Hoarder flag, it would be useful to join the trend and even form alliances if you find these ships at sea.

What other rewards can I earn with emissaries?

For some reason, the size of this update was a bit underestimated. Ships of Fortune feels like a true second anniversary update that deserves the same fanfare as last April. Most of this new content comes from the emissary system, in particular from how it changes ranks and awards.

In addition to session-only loot multipliers assigned to your emissary grades 1-5, you can also track weekly emissary books. These books act as leaderboards with more exclusive cosmetics available on the menu of each trading company. The more you play as Emissaries, the higher your name will be for each company. The first season of ledgers ends after a 40-day period, but this schedule is likely to be rare if required.

Each company also offers a new type of pirate makeup in costumes. One full-body suit is available for purchase at each trading company, so you can fully see it when you fly under the flag of different companies. Each of them will cost you about 68,000 gold, and they are not required to play the role of emissaries.

How do I join an emissary in a sea of ​​thieves?

Now that you know about the ups and downs of emissary life, you can try it yourself. There are several specific steps for this:

1. Download to Outpost and find each trading company. Talk to representatives of each company and buy the emissary flag. It will cost you 20,000 gold, but this is a one-time purchase, so you will not need to redeem it with each game session, even if your emissary level is reset with each session. Please note that if you have not purchased the Reaper Bones flag yet, you must do so in the Reaper Shelter, not in the Outpost.

2. Check the emissary table to select a flag for your company. You will need to vote for it with your team, as if you were traveling. After you have approved joining the company, you will see a flag sticking out from the end of your ship, as well as the famous flag waving above your crow’s nest. This means that the other ships you work on from there can choose an alliance with you, ignore you or, if they are Reapers, chase you.

3. Continuing the journey, you will see that your level of emissary increases with each corresponding action. From there, you just need to keep your booty and your ship safe. A sunken ship will reset your emissary level, and no one wants it.


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