Cyberpunk thriller Cloudpunk

Cyberpunk thriller Cloudpunk

Cloudpunk, a stylish and narrative game from the developer Ion Lands, is now available for PC.

“As big fans of the cyberpunk genre, we had a lot of chances to make a game about shooting people in a futuristic city. With Cloudpunk, we wanted instead to focus on how it feels to experience the city of cyberpunk, live there as a delivery driver, ”said studio head Marko Dickman.

“At its core, Cloudpunk is what it takes to make it in the city. Whether it’s New York City in the 80s, San Francisco today, or some kind of futuristic city in a thousand years. Wealth, character and struggle are familiar to everyone and everywhere. ”

He spies on Rania in the early days, working for a new employer, vulturine delivery company, Cloudpunk. Nivalis is an open-world environment inspired by real cities and built from the magnificent style of voxel art.

This is a home for artificial intelligence, androids and people who live in harmony in sparkling lights … but appearances can be false. Rania’s supplies will lead them to the essence of a corporate conspiracy, and player actions will determine the destination of Nivalis.

Cloudpunk has already been released for PC and will appear on Switch, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One later this year. Watch the launch trailer below.


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