Apex Legends season 5 start now

Apex Legends season 5 start now

The fifth season of Apex Legends will begin a week later than you might expect, but you will have a new LTM that will allow you to be busy at this time.

Developer Respawn Entertainment announced on the game’s official blog that it plans to launch Apex Legends Season 5 on May 12. This is one week after the launch date of May 5, which was originally focused on Respawn.
Apex Legends season 5 start now
(Image credit: EA/Respawn)

Respawn has formulated a decision to push the new season away to give players an extra chance to clear their battle passes or reach their next ranked goal. I would not be surprised if the developers also want a little more time, given the state of the world and the problems of remote work right now.

You will be able to try out the new Battle Armor limited time mode, waiting for the start of a new season. Passing on the edge of the world, the LTM combat armor gives each member the same type of armor and P2020 right from the drop. No other armor will appear, although you can still find protective elements and batteries.
Starting on Tuesday, April 28th, everyone who plays Battle Armor will drop out with white armor, then the mode will be upgraded to blue armor on May 2, purple armor on May 6 and finally Evo Armor (which was introduced in the System Override event ) from May 9 until a new season begins on May 12. This should create some awkward, addictive slugfests, especially when players compete to create an Evo Armor at the start of the game.

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