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Of course, there are cheaper gaming headsets, but only a few have such a cool factor as Victrix Pro AF ANC with such bold enthusiasm. Bright purple stripes flashing in the cold, dark black color on each cup, a bright spiral cable breaking out from the top of each ear, a flurry of levers and clips that adorn the sides – this headset does not deviate from the gamer’s aesthetics.

This does not mean that you take a set of bright headphones without courage, however. There is a strong sound profile with a well-balanced mid-range sound and deep clarity that can enhance even the quietest aspects of the atmosphere. Add active noise reduction and a lightweight, superbly designed design, and you’ll see why this headset is in the premium category.


For some, the physical design of ANC Victrix Pro AF will make or break a decision. With a name like Pro AF, it has always been obvious that this Victrix headset will offer a bolder design choice. However, violet shades and a strikingly short design are well suited to stay away from brightness. There is something in the shape of a bubble, with simple but vibrant purple exploding from an almost black color, which makes it look less like an RGB headset, and one that gives a techno-aesthetic feel that many other overloaded models aim for. Take care about a black plastic cup, and you’ll have a terrific headset on your desk, but pick it up without a finished napkin and you’ll immediately see spots and fingerprints. This is a small price for the glossy look that we are all used to paying, but it is worth noting that you will want to keep your gloves clean for the full effect.
Victrix Pro AF not only sits very well on the head thanks to a sturdy aluminum frame with a thick leather overlay on the ears. This skin has a little more impact than others, which allows it to be given a denser fit that seems to adhere tightly to the side of the head, while still holding on without a pinch of ears. With all the active noise cancellation and sound addictions happening under the hood, you will be forgiven for being afraid of these thick leather cups. Cooling is not like the design feature you would ask for in a gaming headset, but it is definitely needed here. Two small levers allow the cup to open and remove excess heat, but the quick action also serves as a sharp return to reality if you need to hear the surroundings again.


If you look at the Victrix Pro AF ANC headphones, you probably already noticed several features. The most instantly recognizable is active noise reduction, which works so hard that it allows you to concentrate on the game at hand. And this work also pays off. Activating the ANC mode instantly pulls you out of the room into the soundscapes of any adventure that you are immersed in. Working in tandem with superbly detailed soundscapes, noise reduction is certainly powerful, blocking all sounds except the loudest in your environment, and even then suppresses such intrusions with fantastic accuracy. In addition, the disconnection of the cups provides a quick respite from all that immersion should bring down worldly reality.
The volume, noise reduction and microphone settings are controlled using the most unique feature in the Pro AF repertoire – a small remote control attached to the cable itself. Although this is not a touch screen, it’s easy for you to scroll through the intuitive menus, and it’s great that you don’t need to remember the location of the buttons and dials on the side of your head.
However, things can get a little troublesome in the midst – quick setup of microphone or ANC parameters is not as simplified as it would be if such controls were installed on the headset, but at the same time it is much simpler than the header in a separate program on your computer to do this. The handset itself can slightly balance the weight of the headset if you hang next to it, but it’s easy to slide the panel up and down the cord itself and you won’t notice anything even after half an hour of playing time,


These are not wireless headphones, so while you are tied to your desktop, you will have reliable and incredibly powerful sound at your disposal. This is a small flaw in how much AF Victrix Pro actually improves the gameplay, but if you do not want them to have to turn them on and off, this is worth noting, considering the price you pay here. However, as soon as they turn on, you will immediately know the depth of each step in Resident Evil 3, and the screaming Doom Eternal from Mars will leave you in shock.
The bass here is not particularly heavy, leaving enough room for a neatly balanced midrange. Many would find that restrained bass efforts are useful given the recent onslaught of crispy headsets, often found at much lower prices. However, you are not getting the bottomless boom of some of Doom’s best tracks, and while enhancing each squeak will increase the lethality of your Resi heart attack, you can certainly increase this performance for less. This is good, but not industry leading. However, there are two sound profiles to choose from – one that processes the sound as it is, and the other that enhances your bass, and the latter really serves some of the heavier parts of the demon-infested hellish landscape better.
With a wired connection, you don’t have to worry about losing battery power in half a critical session. However, a small remote connected to the cable consumes an AAA battery – remember that? It’s a little disappointing to know that you will most likely have to take batteries for your gaming headset for $ 300, but this kit will not need to be replaced, since very little power is supplied to the display.
If you stay in it for a long time, these ventilated ear pads can sound like a cool breath of fresh air, and in practice they really give some relief from the heat that can build up with all of these technologies. However, the closed back design and the significant set of functions that all disappear inside this headset do generate significant thermal power – more than others without this ventilation function. This is not a feature that you will regularly find in the gaming headset, but the creators of Victrix obviously found a way to mitigate the side effects of the sheer force that they packed into these jars, and although a little uncomfortable, you will be grateful for their foresight.

Overall – should you buy?

There is no doubt about it; this is a premium gaming headset. You get powerful noise reduction with rich, well-defined sound quality, which is well suited for many game styles. In addition, the unique set of essential controls, ventilation, and compatibility with PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC are all pretty good reasons to buy a Victrix Pro AF ANC headset. Audiophiles may be a little disappointed with the overall sound characteristic – there might be a slight difference between the $ 200 kit and this $ 300 offer, but the inclusion of these additional features can certainly be enough to tip the scales in favor of this particular price tag. If you are looking for great sound, a unique design philosophy and a host of advanced technical features, you won’t be let down.
Note: it’s becoming increasingly difficult to find a product. Many stores offer only PS4 or Xbox models, but they do not have ANC. We have seen some Victrix Pro AF ANC stocks on Amazon US or directly from Victrix.

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