Super Mario Maker 2 World Maker mode upadate

Super Mario Maker 2 World Maker mode upadate

The latest and last major update to Super Mario Maker 2 allows you to make the entire Mario game full of custom levels and different worlds.

Until now, you could only create and play in separate levels, but now you can link the levels into thematic worlds and connect these worlds into a whole game to torment your friends.

The free update arrives on Wednesday, April 22, and allows you to create worlds containing up to five levels. You can connect eight worlds into a single game with a world map, warp pipes and mini-games. A sovereign world map for each world can be designed with your own path to the castle, bridges and decorations. Meanwhile, the worlds contained in your custom Mario game may include dungeon, desert, snow, sky, forest, volcano, and space themes.

New Performances is a set of masks that change the look and abilities of Mario. A cannon box fires short and long range cannons, a propeller box lifts Mario up into the air, a red cannon box gives three POWer charges, enemies with Gumba tricks and a Bill Mask bullet use horizontal flight as long as the player loves.
Koopalings welcomes the World Maker update, and also adds new Cursed Key, on / off trampolines and Mechakoopa. This will be the last update of the game, and it will appear on April 22.

Super Mario Maker 2 is now for the Nintendo Switch. See the World Maker update trailer below.

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