How to optimize user engagement for your mobile games?

How to optimize user engagement for your mobile games?

The success of the games on chartbuster proves that mobile games can be a great source of income for many developers. However, to achieve the goal, these games need much more than just an excellent storyline, fun gameplay and high-quality graphics. In short, he needs more elements than what you, as one developer, can provide; he needs channels to reach potential customers.

Most games whose success stories may have inspired you started your journey with a small group of users who liked the game, shared it with other players, and made the game a complete success. However, to reach this small base of users who can make a mobile game a sensation in the gaming industry, this is not a small achievement, which means it will take effort.

Following the natural process of distributing the game through organic environments such as your friends, supporters, search engine results, etc., rarely gives the best results. In addition, this process takes so much time that by the time your game reaches a better audience, your idea may be out of date due to the fast pace of development of the industry. Therefore, if you really want to get the best results for your game, you will need to consider your marketing techniques, and advertising is no less important from them.

In this article, we will understand how, through advertising and other means, you can optimize user engagement for your game.

Understand the terminology: –

If you use search advertising that includes display and other ad formats, it’s important to understand some of the terms that will help you optimize your efforts.

CTR – clickthrough rate shows how many times your ad has been shown after it was shown in search results.

IR – this is applicable for advertising applications through which users go directly to the game’s installation page. The installation frequency tells you how many users have installed your game.

A / B test – it is unlikely that you will get the perfect ad at a glance. Therefore, trial and error is often considered the method of all creators of advertising. To simplify, or rather organize these efforts for long-term planning and reporting purposes, it is proposed to follow the A / B testing methods to quickly get to the most convertible ads.

Content: –

Create good advertising content and equally good content for your landing page. For advertising, content should be clear, but convincing. Knowing your potential audience will help you with this. Understand what things appeal to your target audience, and then try adding these elements to your content. Based on this, you can also select the name of the game, its icon and description. Adding positive reviews of the game and screenshots also formulates the main components of the content of the game application, most users agreed to see these two things before anything else in the content. In addition, make sure that the content tells about the game as much as necessary for any avid player to get started smoothly. In addition, try adding exciting elements such as attractive graphics and enticing text to maximize your conversion chances.

Easy download: –

Any reliable company that develops games can tell you this – removing all errors in the game is simply not enough if the link to download your game is broken. You don’t want your game to fall into the bad books of your future gamers because of this little problem, right? Therefore, make sure that it is very easy for users to download the game when all of your established conditions, such as the terms of the agreement and payment (if any) are met.

* Tip: to attract more users, you can try the free demo technique. Allow users to play the demo level for free, or set the first level of a large game to take up less space on their device. This will prevent the scaring of large numbers.


Once you invest in game development services and develop a truly amazing game, it will not be a compromise in attracting users. Given market competition and rapid changes in market trends, you need to recruit as many users as possible in the first few weeks. You can always update your game in the future according to the needs of the time, but all these efforts will not bring you sufficient results if you do not yet have a strong user base. Therefore, if you really want your game to be successful in the market and in the industry, you need to invest in attracting users with a complete strategy.

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