Top 20 NEW Third Person Games of 2020 our 23rd person games for 2020 we’re really looking forward to starting

Top 20 NEW Third Person Games of 2020 our 23rd person games for 2020 we’re really looking forward to starting

Number #20

Zambia me for dead war is a fun one and we promise it’s not as generic as its title sounds this comes from rebellion the devs behind the Sniper Elite Series and this is a spin-off of that it controls pretty much the same with the slow-mo sniper shots and everything it’s pretty mindless honestly but not in a bad way it’s fairly addicting actually taking on waves and waves of zombies while also managing your ammo and other equipment Sniper Elite and zombie army aren’t doing anything revolutionary with how it controls or any other aspect of the game but that’s kind of what makes them shine that’s why they’re so good it’s a nice rkt simple turn off your brain and just have a good time kind of game and there’s so plenty of room for games like this and I welcome all of them with open arms moving on to.

Number #19

We have gods and monsters this one we actually don’t know too much about we know it’s being made by the creators of Assassin’s Creed which is cool because you know we do like Assassin’s Creed who doesn’t we also know that it kind of looks like breath of the wild which is also cool we also like breath of the wild also judging by the armor the character and the trailer is wearing and the structures you see it seems like it’s gonna take place in ancient Greece you also see what looks like a Medusa type creature wandering around and according to the store listing the gods are all messed up and you’re working on saving them with the special powers they’ve given you you’ll also be going up against mythical beasts like hydras and Cyclops that’s really all we know about this one but we’re very excited to learn more moving on to.

Number #18

We have twin mirror the next game from life is strange deaths don’t not this is a third-person adventure game where you play as an investigative journalist who just returned to his hometown of base wood West Virginia for the funeral of his best friend as you can expect you’re pretty shaken up about that and you wake up in your hotel room one night with a bloody t-shirt and no memory of what you were up to the night before it’s one of those games where all of your decisions have an effect on the game’s ending and story it actually looks pretty interesting and don’t know it has a good track record with games like this and this one seems a bit darker than the last few games from them and personally I love when stuff gets dark at.

Number #17

This next one is something we’re actually really excited about sending Wasaga hell-blade to the sequel to one of our favorite games of 2017 how blades send you a sacrifice we actually know close to nothing about pale blade – we know that it was announced with a super badass trailer the Game Awards and we know that senua is in it and we also know that this is a next-gen game that’s really it we just have that one trailer to go off of so far for those of you that don’t know what Hell blade is all about you play a sinua and she’s on a quest to rescue her lover’s soul from hella send us struggles with mental illness which she actually thinks as a curse and it’s a very dark game with some amazing visuals and equally amazing audio design this is one of those games that is way better played with headphones if you haven’t played hell bleed yet I really think you should because it’s a super memorable experience at.

Number #16

Have you ever been playing a game and thought man this game would be way cooler if I was a shark well have I got news for you Manny there is a third-person action RPG where you guessed it you play as a shark whose only goal is to wreak havoc and get revenge on a fisherman named scaly Pete who killed your mother and messed you up in the process the majority of the gameplay at least from what we’ve seen and played so far seems to just fall into the category of dumb fun as you’re swimming around just causing mayhem jumping out of the water and snatching people off of boats and beaches and eating them up or throwing them at other enemies while also hunting other aquatic life to obtain nutrients for bonuses as well as getting rare mutagens and unlocking new abilities and letting you take on bigger deadlier creatures yeah it’s probably exactly what you expected and honestly that seems like a pretty good thing to me because sharks rule at.

Number #15

Marvel’s Avengers is an interesting one this has been developed by Crystal Dynamics and adios Montreal and it’s an interesting take on the superhero genre instead of being more of a traditional single-player experience like ps4 Spider Man it’s instead going for more destiny games as a service type approach it’s still a single-player game with a campaign and all that but there are missions that you’ll be rerunning with friends there’s a color-coded loot system with different pieces of gear have different stats and of course it wouldn’t be a superhero game without some cool and lockable costumes the story does seem pretty cool it starts on a day where the Avengers are unveiling their new San Francisco headquarters and new Helicarrier of course in typical comic book fashion bad guys show up and ruin it destroying most of the city and also killing Captain America in the process following these events the Avengers break up five years later Kamala Khan discovers some shocking conspiracy and sets out to get the Avengers back together to save the day so yeah obviously Kamala or miss Marvel is the main character here which I personally think is awesome between the comics MCU movies other games we’ve gotten a lot of stuff with the big five and there’s more to the Avengers lineup than just them it’s time to make room for some of Marvel’s other characters there is a big diverse list of characters that are also deserving of some of that spotlight moving on to.

Number #14

After the success of 2018 s Dragon Ball fighter Z it was only a matter of time before there was a resurgence in Dragonball video games and while the majority of them since came out on mobile platforms we finally got a full third person console action RPG with Dragon Ball Z Kakarot as is the case with so many of the games before it it’s more or less a retelling of the Dragon Ball Z story in video game form if you’ve ever played the old Game Boy Advance legacy of goku games which we’re pretty awesome by the way this is basically that but with prettier graphics and more horsepower under the hood from the modern consoles while it may not have a full open-world the game does feature several pretty sizable hub areas where you’ll be flying around collecting orbs and messing up all sorts of dudes while you make your way through the main story and a ton of side quests it’s a fun diversion if you want to just hang out with Goku and relive that classic Dragon Ball Z story again or maybe even for the first time who knows moving on to.

Number #13

We have Final Fantasy 7 remake okay so this one has been a long time coming like a long time coming teas for the better part of a decade and only officially announced at e3 2015 people have been begging for this one for literal console generations and it’s finally here it’s finally happening in case you somehow didn’t know the game is a full ground-up retelling of the original Final Fantasy 7 that came out in 1997 you’ll play as Cloud Strife and his crew of mercenaries and other misfits in an effort to fight the Shinra corporation and stop them from draining the planets life energy all of that stuff is the same but where the game differs is the way it plays the combat system has been completely overhauled moving it from the traditional turn-based battle system to something way more action II similar to what we’ve seen in games like Kingdom Hearts 3 and Final Fantasy 15 the active Time battle system is modified with the meter still gradually filling but filling way faster by attacking and once full can be used to activate special abilities magic items you know stuff like that another cool improvement is in this new system you can also switch between party members for direct control and utilize each character’s individual strengths and skills in a given combat scenario it’s a really interesting change to see next up at.

Number #12

We have No More Heroes 3 after 10 years any weird spin-off game were actually getting a real mainline sequel to No More Heroes which is frankly kind of wild to be honest taking place nine years after No More Heroes 2 the world is under siege by an alien threat led by a humanoid alien named fu or foo I don’t really know but either way I love it who was raised on earth and sent off to space 20 years earlier by human name Damon now back on earth fu or foo intends to conquer earth with the help of Damon and eight other aliens and decide to utilize super heroism as their means of world domination establishing the new galactic superhero rankings so seeing this former top assassin Travis touchdown goes back to Santa’s destroy from his self-imposed exile ready to take on the Legion of super-powered aliens and climb their rankings once again and you know saving the world in the process yeah that’s all we know but it’s apparently slated for a 2020 release date so we’re bound to see it in a Nintendo Direct sooner or later in the meantime we’re just shocked that they’re making a numbered No More Heroes game which is still pretty awesome coming in at.

Number #11

Got fall is one that’s still partially shrouded in mystery given that it was an early announcement for PlayStation 5 game but here’s what we do know about this upcoming counter play games joint the game was reportedly set in a world of high fantasy split into the elemental realms of earth air water spirit and Fire the players will take on the mantle of one of the last of the Knights order and have to prevent the apocalypse basically you’ll select your class by choosing a valor plate and you can gain additional ones or agent them to customize how the character class plays and functions in combat the game will be playable single-player as well as supporting up to two additional players and drop in drop out coop and has a diablo style loot system which makes sense as it’s been described as a looter slasher with gameplay and weapon inspiration said to be taken from the Monster Hunter series which is an interesting touch yeah that’s pretty much everything we know about God fall but with the PS 5 supposedly only months away we’ll definitely be seeing more very soon moving on to.

Number #10

We have neo 2 which actually takes place before the events of the first game with this one you’re getting more neo so souls like gameplay and some challenging gameplay at that I hear this one is a lot more difficult than the first game they also change things up a bit so this time you’re actually creating your own character instead of playing as a preset one and there’s a heavier focus on looting this time around to the point of its seeming almost overwhelming and there are a ton of different weapons each one controlling differently than the last honestly I don’t need much convincing on this one I was a huge fan of the first game and everything about this one just seems like more neo and if that’s what this is then sign me up and. 

Number #9

Outriders is a third-person cover shooter with RPG elements developed by people can fly the studio behind other fast-paced shooters like painkiller and bullet storm in outriders during the colonization efforts of an alien planet the expedition team encounters a massive energy storm which ends up granting both the planets inhabitants and the colonial expedition teams superpowers from there you’ll create your custom character and choose your character class which can range from things like the flame manipulating Pyromancer the heavy Devastator the time and leading trickster stuff like that we’re still learning more about this one but as of right now we know that it leans heavily into the cover shooter style but with a loot system similar to games like the division and destiny with the world level increasing with your player progression doling out better rewards as a result you’ll also encounter NPCs converse with branching dialogue trees you know all of that RPG goodness like we said details in this one are still rolling out but we’re excited to learn more and get our hands on it as we approach release later on this year at.

Number #8

Okay so Yakko so six came out a couple years back and with it came the end of the queue story that’s been running since the series inception all the way back in 2005 now 15 years after the first entry we’re getting Yakuza like a dragon which not only features a new protagonist and setting but it also changes up the way the game is played think of it as a sort of soft reboot for the series the story is more of the mob melodrama you’ve come to expect from the series which is a good thing but the real change comes in the form of the gameplay differences rather than a beat them up like a dragon features turn-based RPG combat with a four-person battle team complemented by characters having character classes like you see in other RPGs so you can really make sure your team works well together that said you can still have your characters use environmental objects in combat so you can have one of your guys grab a nearby bicycle and then use it to beat another dude right into the ground which you know like you know no complaints here that’s awesome it’s been out in Japan for a minute now and we’re beyond excited to see it come stateside later on this year moving on to.

Number #7

We’re finally getting a new watchdogs game and this time it’s set in London and comes with a bunch of really cool gameplay updates so we’re previous games had you playing as set characters like Aiden Pearce or Marcus Holloway watchdog’s Legion has a very different approach instead Legion will let you recruit characters into dedsec through unique missions and you’ll have control of these recruited characters which is a pretty big departure from the previous games once you get new characters they’re assigned as either being a stealth hacking or combat class each of which feature their own unique set of tools abilities and upgrade trees as well as unique backgrounds which determine their special skill or trade you got to be careful with these characters too because if they get killed on a mission they’re gone that’s it they’re dead so you could have spent a lot of time playing as an upgrading one character only to have a mission go incredibly poorly and you just don’t have that character anyone to really cool change especially considering how see me a lot of Ubisoft open-world games have been so it’s good to see the Studios pivoting to switch things up like that next up at.

Number #6

We have Eldon Ring which is one that’s pretty mysterious as we don’t have a lot of specifics about this game but we do have small tidbits of information that go on first off from software is working with george RR martin on this one you know to do that rogue Game of Thrones the people like that anymore didn’t something happen I don’t really know anyway with this one from software seemed to be making a more traditional RPG well traditional for them meaning it’ll be more like Dark Souls than Sakura they will be doing something new though and making the world more open but not like Witcher or Skyrim where it’s this big giant world filled with towns and people that live there but more of you know Dark Souls II work is just kind of nothing cuz it’s just desolate dead world how do you talk to miyazaki said if we would add talents on top of that it would become a bit too much so we decided to create an open world style game focus on what we are best at he also went on to say that it’s big enough to the point where you’ll be traveling on horseback so there you go take that information and do whatever you want with it we don’t know much about the gameplay except for the fact that it’s more RPG ish than Sakura and that big scary bosses are going to be a thing which you know it’s from software and at this point I just think they have to be in every game they make we also don’t know too much about the setting of Elden ring either but seeing that george RR martin is involved we’re expecting some pretty dope fantasy stuff maybe it’ll be Game of Thrones esque which is a cool mix of medieval knights and viking stuff at times Westeros was pretty dark and gritty so I can totally see something like that working in a from soft game next is.

Number #5

We have mountain blade to banner award set 200 years before the previous game mountain blade warband it’s nice to see that it straight-up just looks so much better than its predecessor right out the gate as well as some big updates to the gameplay specifically in regards to AI they’ve also talked about how the inventory interface is going to be sniffing Lemoore efficient as well as various other improvements to the game like the siege system this one has been in the pipeline for a long long time so we’re looking forward to seeing people finally get their hands on it in 2020 and we’re also looking forward to not including it on next year’s best-looking third person games list moving on to.

Number #4

We have Legend of Zelda breath of the wild – or the sequel or whatever it’s going to be called announced at e3 2019 we don’t really know much but we’re getting more zelda gameplay in the style of breath of the wild with the same characters and the same vibe that’s really all we know Link and Zelda are in it and their speculation as to what’s new if there’s co-op what the world is like but frankly at the time of making this video not much is confirmed as a game was announced and then shrouded in secrecy 2020 might be the year we hope so that’s why we’re including it because breath of the wild was awesome. 

Number #3

Next up we have ghosts of Tsushima along with last was part 2 this is one of the last ps4 exclusives before moving on to the next generation of PlayStation consoles and it looks great you play as Jin se Kai one of the last surviving members of his clan and he’s hell-bent on protecting his people against the Mongol Empire who has already taken out entire nations during their campaign to conquer the East the game looks absolutely gorgeous – I mean come on just look at this this is the next game from Sucker Punch the team behind Sly Cooper and infamous and this is a pretty different game for them and it can’t wait to see how they handle this one because they are a great studio that puts out some really great games coming down to.

Number #2

Remember how great the rez equal to remake was well now we’re getting a remake of Resident Evil 3 Resident Evil like really matters again not that it ever stopped mattering but I’d say now it’s back in full force since Resident Evil 7 and man I am here for it it’s getting the glow up there was evil to God with the camera moving behind the shoulder making it a bit more action heavy although Resident 3 was always more action E than the first two entries in the series anyway then of course there’s Nemesis which seems like a more relentless more annoying version of mr. X this thing wants you dead and you’re gonna be dealing with him a lot and they gave him a bunch of new tricks as well so along with his meet tentacles he can also die in front of you like he’s Batman yeah he seems extra annoying kind of not looking forward to hanging out with him package with resonable 3 also be getting resident evil resistance an asymmetrical multiplayer mode where four players will play as survivors and are trying to not get killed by the player controller the mastermind this player will be able to spawn enemies set traps and even take control of some of those enemies and try and kill other players those controllable enemies range from zombies to taken control of mr. X it doesn’t seem like a shoehorn to multiplayer mode which is nice it seems like its own thing that Capcom is just throwing at us with resonable 3 and it actually looks like a lot of fun finally at.

Number #1

It’s time to talk about last of us part 2 yeah this is this is the big one it’s hard to talk about this one without getting overly excited you know seeing that it’s the sequel to a game that many consider to be one of the greatest games of the last decade me being one of those people I mean what’s not to get excited about I can barely think of specifics I mean you get to play as Elliott this time around which is freaking awesome because I love Ellie she’s badass Joel is back but we don’t know in what context I still think he’s dead but that’s just me we actually don’t really know what this game is really even about other than Ellie has it out for someone and she’s probably gonna kill them no dee-dawg has done an amazing job of not showing off a lot of this game giving you just enough to know like what it looks like and how it will control but not giving up too much else and it seems like a pretty dark and gritty man not that the first one wasn’t but you know there was that one bit of gameplay

we got where it just like starts off with Ellie’s slitting a dudes throat in the most violent way this is probably my most anticipated game of the year yeah cyberpunk is cool but last was part 2 is what 2020 is all about for me before we go we got some bonuses for you first off we have new world this is an MMO developed by Amazon Game Studios with the unique spin of being a colonial fantasy game it’s expected this year and it looks kind of cool then we have Destroy All Humans the remake crypto makes a comeback and this gorgeous remake of the original game taking some design cues

from the second game and retaining all the charm humour and voice acting you are expecting and it’s dropping sometime this year in 2020 then finally we have Psychonauts 2 very much a sequel to the first game in pretty much every possible way from mechanics to the storytelling to the art style it’s all more or less the same which I’m sure for hardcore fans is a very good thing and those are the 20 best third-person games coming in 2020


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