Niantic Pokémon Go details of the remote raid and quality of life is changing

Niantic Pokémon Go details of the remote raid and quality of life is changing

Pokémon Go will receive a remote raid, and Niantic has shed some light on how the new feature will work (via Eurogamer).

The remote raid feature was added in response to a pandemic that reduced and restricted movement in many countries to slow the spread of coronavirus. Previously, Pokémon Go players had to be physically close to the gym to join his raid. In the future, players will be able to get into any raid that pops up on their map or in the near vision.

Remote raid passes are a new type of raid passes that will allow players to access these raids wherever they are. But in each raid only a certain number of remote raiders is allowed, and players can only hold a certain number of passes of a remote raid at a time. Remote Raiders will deal damage equal to Raiders who are physically present in the gym. Niantic concluded that the damage value will be reduced in a future update, so a remote raid may be a constant addition.

Niantic will post a bunch of Remote Raid Pass in the game store for the price of one poke coin. In addition, players are eagerly awaiting the daily field exploration bonus quest, which starts at midnight, without having to unwind PokéStop to collect it. This task will be composed of a range adapted to actions that are achievable regardless of location. The midnight quest will be added even if the player has three research quests in the field research slots.

And a friend of the player will be able to find gifts with useful items and bring them to his coach. In the next update, players will be able to include Pokemon in the boxes several times, and not one at a time, if their reserves Candy and Stardust allow. Star figures, happy eggs and incense will be chain, so that their effects will be maximum during the day, and battles will receive alterations to display types and super-efficient moves. Finally, the in-game store will show you when new items will appear or when active sales will begin.

Despite its exergame mechanics and locks around the world, Pokémon Go makes money. Over $ 50 million was spent on the game in March, even though Community Day and Raid hours were canceled in the foreseeable future. Currently, his Spring Event 2020 is in full swing, offering exclusive research challenges that can reward Audino.

Pokémon Go is now unavailable for Android and iOS devices.

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