Final Fantasy 7: Top 10 Secrets, Easter Eggs & References

Final Fantasy 7: Top 10 Secrets, Easter Eggs & References

Final Fantasy 7: Top 10 Secrets, Easter Eggs & References

Number #10 

Barrett sings terribly it’s a little bit disappointing you don’t get the classic post battle victory music that’s in every single Final Fantasy game well it’s technically still there kind of every once in a while after winning a battle Barrett will bust out a terrible rendition of that victory fanfare it’s bad it’s intentionally bad though so it’s kind of fun to hear. thankfully it’s not super often because it is to be clear I’ll say it a third time bad on top of that you actually get a lot of the classic victory animations complete with the sweeping camera and the posing if you win a fight in the Coliseum or the VR battles some of the fights even have an updated version of the classic battle music so you get both versions.

Number #9

A is bon hora white apple juice one of the first Easter eggs you can find is right at the start in Mako reactor one if you look around right after getting off the train in the lobby area you find this ad for something called BA Nora white apple juice most people probably don’t think much of it and moved on but there’s a connection to one of the compilation of Final Fantasy seven games the PSP prequel crisis core but Nora village plays a huge part in the plot of crisis core it basically boils down to being the tragic hometown of that games bad guy genesis rapsa dos yep that’s actually his name and yes that’s actually what he looks like besides being a blatant attempt at making another Sephiroth style villain he’s probably best known for being modeled on the Japanese pop singer gackt but there’s something else about him that’s actually relevant he always seems to carry around a white apple and he’s from Panora and those white apples are probably from bon hora – it’s a Benoa white apple so the ad is a direct reference to this thing from Crisis Core but wait there is more in a bizarre little background detail Genesis when he was a kid invented the bin’ or white apple juice this is a real detail he won a competition for the idea of vanora white apple juice which became Banaras trademark export in san apparently sold at.

Number #8

Air tonic ideal scalp care in the upper layer of mid year you can find this a poster for some haircare product the name itself isn’t a reference but look down here at the fine print for astonishingly radiant and spiky hair now I think everyone has suspected that cloud has to use something to get that unique hairstyle but now we know what it is he’s an air tonic man it’s another little thing but it’s a pretty amusing nod to clouds famous and frankly often parodied hairstyle at.

Number #7

Heaven photos a funny one you probably may not have noticed in the seventh heaven bar there are pictures on the wall you might not have thought much about them at first glance but give them a second look yeah they kind of just look a good jumble of pixels from far away but they’re actually a little bit more they’re actually pictures of the original backgrounds of seventh heaven let me directly compare them and yeah they’re literally the same there’s the bar the arcade machines which unsurprisingly exactly the same in the remake but the interior of the bar ps1 style just comparing the two it is crazy how accurately the developers were in remaking locations from the original game all of the iconic details that are probably burned into the brains of a lot of people out there the original Final Fantasy 7 really holds up in my mind by having such incredibly detailed environments where a lot of thought was put into things that you might look at and it’s true of even places you might only go once so it’s cool seeing them attempt to continue that in their remag at.

Number #6

Clouds stances here’s a little easter egg that was hidden in plain sight if you’ve played the remake you’re aware that cloud has two different stances in combat operator and Punisher operator basically normal Punisher slow but heavy attacks do these stances look a little familiar well ones more obvious than the other but they’re both significant obvious one is Punisher stance notice the way he holds the sword up with a downward slant to it that’s Sephiroth’s katana stance I don’t think I’m really spoiling anything by saying that Sephiroth was an influential presence in clouds life and that’s illustrated by cloud using his famous combat style now the standard stands the operator one has a little bit more complicated of a legacy to it yeah it’s the normal attack stance from the original game but how he attacks is strikingly similar to how Zack the main character of The Crisis Core fights Zacks importance in clouds life is something I can’t overstate it’s very important to clouds history but I’m not gonna go into it too much it’s an important plot point from the original Final Fantasy 7 and we can avoid spoilers here it’s also complicated at.

Number #5

People talking about a play this is a pretty obscure one so follow along in the sector seven slums you might overhear some random pedestrians talking about a kind of weird subject some kind of show that seems to have a different ending this year what does that mean it’s kind of an odd bit of incidental dialogue but this is the Final Fantasy 7 remake everything’s either something from the original game or a reference of some kind to something this is another crisis core one the play they’re talking about is loveless you know the big billboard you see in the opening cutscene no longer just a little background detail to flesh out to the world crisis core but Lovelace was that’s kind of the point of most prequels to over explain stuff that didn’t really need it but they went overboard I mean look at this this is ig-88 takes over the deaths our levels of unnecessary flushing out a reign and background detail but all you really need to know is just like the pedestrians say the real ending is lost a time or maybe just not fully understood or something either way it’s a final fantasy universe last act of a play changes depending on who’s performing and when oh and of course the bad guy from crisis Court Genesis loves to quote this play at you what’s worse than bad guys quoting Shakespeare at you well bad guys quoting made-up Shakespeare at you shut up you.

Number #4

Mughals chocobos Tong berries and kak tars these little dudes you’ll find everywhere drawing all over the place but you can find all four of them scribbles in one spot in the sector five Orphanage these four critters are basically the original Final Fantasy Easter egg being the most iconic returning enemies and sometimes allies of the franchise this isn’t a most obscure Easter egg at this point I think most people with even a passing knowledge of Final Fantasy would recognize some of these guys but it’s still cool to see them chocobos are definitely the most iconic being the usually flightless birds people ride for transportation and pretty much every Final Fantasy game starting with two they’re probably best known for the incredibly in-depth chocobo farm and Final Fantasy seven where you could capture chocobos wild breed them race them and breed them some more up to getting the ultimate gold chocobo which gives you access to the ultimate someone in the game and perhaps the entire series knights of the round it just keeps going Mughals are probably the second best known being a furry cat Mouse thing that first appeared in Final Fantasy 3 Western audiences probably best know them from the US Final Fantasy 3 which is Final Fantasy 6 where you get a Mughal as a party member MOG who gets referenced in Final Fantasy 7 in a minigame and gold saucer also the Mughal shop owner mentions MOG when you first meet him – Tong berries may be the most notorious be incredibly dangerous but pretty harmless looking lizard things that they be eaten final famously 5 these guys always attack the same way they slowly approach the party basically do nothing and then they unleash this incredibly powerful often instant kill attack these guys have gone through a lot of names for some reason like in the original US Final Fantasy 6 they were called pugs pugs like what and in the anthology version of Final Fantasy 5 they were called dingleberries I am not joking the last kak tars first showed up in Final Fantasy 6 where they were called kak trucks they were renamed kak tar is in Final Fantasy 7 and they’re just weird they sort of act like the series version of metal slimes from Dragon Quest being dangerous 3r enemies that like to run away but give you a ton of experience if you manage to take him out all these guys are directly depicted in this game except the tonberry I assume either way fun to see all of them the gang’s all here at.

 Number #3

Clouds first level up there’s a small of a kind of funny reference in the original Final Fantasy 7 after the first fight on the game training platform cloud levels up to level 7 you know because Final Fantasy 7 7 yeah it’s a cute little reference to the fact that we’re now in game 7 of a behemoth franchise and guess what it’s in the remake as well beat up the first guys and you see boom you’re level 7 the ps1 Final Fantasy games just full of weird things like this and although the remake doesn’t retain all of them at school to see some of them.

 Number #2

Is shinra’s secret well exploring the Shinra HQ you’ll end up in an area dedicated to the company’s history most of it is actual you know relevant stuff but here’s one picture that hides a pretty amusing secret this one which just looks like a normal old tiny factory employee picture if you look closer though you might recognize somebody this dude with the weird mask front and center specifically I’d recognize this guy anywhere it’s pretty distinct mask it’s Shinra from final fantasy x-2 remember this kid he’s the one who decodes the spheres you find on Celsius your airship from that game and his name is Shinra and you’re immediately expecting some kind of Final Fantasy 7 connection it’s a thing that fans have speculated on for ages but it really doesn’t matter the words of Final Fantasy 10 and 7 are so different they’re either different universes or set lots of years apart both the director of Final Fantasy 7 and the main scenario writer of both 7 and 10 have commented on this essentially saying they thought it was just a kind of amusing thing to imply the worlds were connected but it’s pretty clear they didn’t put a lot of serious thought into the idea it’s kind of just an odd connection between the two biggest games in the series and finally at.

Number #1

This is a remake so it’s not a surprise that a ton of the enemies from the original game are back but the level of detail the developers devote to keeping the enemies accurate is I mean it really deserves some praise seriously enemies like the MPs and the breaker look almost exactly the same just a greater amount of detail but it’s not really surprise they brought these guys back they don’t look that out of place in an HD world same with the bosses like guard scorpion in the air buster they’re just big robots it’s more stuff like smoger and some bosses like apps that really surprised me these are goofy looking enemies so the fact they retain a lot of their original design as well as most of their attacks and animations is pretty surprising the best returning enemy of them all though you really are not gonna be ilaria with me on this it’s at the Hell House I mean look at this thing it’s a house that turns into a monster and shoots missiles at you everything about it is retained for the remake and I wasn’t even sure they were gonna do that I was prepared to be fine with them not doing it even it’s amazing seriously if you’re an old Final Fantasy 7 fan who really enjoyed the hell house like what is this why is this here this game has been kinda normal for a final fantasy game at this point it’s truly a thing to behold so that’s all we’ve got for today

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