PUBG Mobile Leak:season 13 will be called a toy playground, Royale Pass awards revealed

PUBG Mobile Leak:season 13 will be called a toy playground, Royale Pass awards revealed

It seems that the PUBG Mobile Season 13 will be toy-themed with a variety of stylish leather guns, as well as with a special set of tram heads.

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PUBG Mobile, the largest mobile name in India, is currently thriving thanks to its huge player base. The game sees very regular updates that add a lot of new content in the form of unique thematic seasons. This season 12, which began in early March, has been going on for some time – and now a leak has appeared on the network, including details about the next season.

This information was from a well-known leader / Youtuber called “Mr. Ghost Gaming”, a data miner who very often missed the PUBG Mobile update. The upcoming 13th season will be called the Toy Playground and will have a toy theme. Various lego-like weapon skins and Power Ranger – as character skins will be added to the game.

The best costume for this season will be unlocked at the last level of the Royale Pass – this is also the ranger equipment, similar to the other two, but looks more distinctly. Presumably, the costume will also come complete with a shield – in the style of Captain America.

By purchasing a Royale Pass, a player can unlock a skin for a 3rd-level helmet and a new skin for AUG, as well as one of two costume rewards: Flash Superman and Lava Superman. These costumes are almost identical, with the exception of colors.

The final piece of the puzzle is the Phantom’s skin with a gas mask and a glove – it’s not clear if we can get this costume from the combat pass or the boxes. Interested in our other PUBG Mobile articles? Please check out this post to learn about the 5 best skills you need to become a professional.

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