10 Games Where YOU ARE THE BOSS

10 Games Where YOU ARE THE BOSS

10 Games Where YOU ARE THE BOSS

10 it is a Sora’s Wrath now a Sora’s wrath is one of the coolest games it’s a combination of a lot of different things it’s obviously an action game first and foremost but it gives you these massive sort of insane boss fights and well that can be hard they’re not the hardest in any game and a sewer is kind of amazing a sewer is a demigod and the game basically always feels like an anime the story.

Revolves around seeking revenge against the other demigods and the Pantheon who have betrayed you so this game basically alternates between kind of a more standard third-person action and a lot of interactive cutscenes with QTEs and for lack of a better term rail-shooter segments now all of this apart probably sounds not super great but once you actually sit down and get into this it is just this high momentum high action game that gets you really involved and you as a surah feel basically capable of anything because you’re.

pretty much always dealing tons of punishment out if you’re not you’re losing in some respects it’s a pretty bizarre game as well primarily focusing on the wrath of the main character obviously Lugano.

Is saints row 4 yeah it’s basically a demented superhero simulator it’s basically Grand Theft Auto with the ability to do whatever yeah let’s go let’s do it seriously if you can think of like something that you couldn’t do in Grand Theft Auto and is destructive for the most part you can probably do it in Saints Row 4 the reason for that is basically this game takes place after the boss becomes.

The president aliens invade and trap the Saints in the matrix well a simulation but it’s an easier reference to say the matrix it’s basically totally insane in every possible way I mean developers decided they were going to make a game that focused on the supernatural and superpowers and it’s the fourth saint’s row game we all know how over-the-top saints row always has been so if that’s the core premise obviously it’s going to be insane and it was and where’s the next one come on let’s see another Saints.

Row thanks at number eight is of course just cause there’s no way we’d ever get through this list without mentioning Just Cause although you don’t actually have any supernatural powers in this game you are essentially a flying god of mayhem and whatever you think of you can explode seriously as far as destruction goes just cause the whole series is basically one of the most flexible out there seriously do you want to knock planes out of the sky do you want to jump out of helicopters do you want to blow up power plants won’t blow a massive gust of wind it like an airplane you can you can make things very.

Hard for them you want a glide off of a building you can basically if you can think of it you can do it and you can blow up anybody who’s in your way seriously if the character that you are in just cause were the boss and you are just some random person you would not want to fight the boss at all and at number 7 Kratos our man from God of War particularly in the first three games obviously the most recent one is a little bit less about you destroying everything and more about dealing with things still the things you have to deal with you pretty much cause during the course of the first three games there like by the time you get to the third god of war Kratos is literally just killing every God and completely succeeds at it that’s the point of the game you tell me how many games were you just murder all of the gods are out there it’s not a lot why because it takes a special kind of badass to do that kind of game believably and Kratos is very specifically that badass at.

Number 6 Metal Gear Rising revengeance this isn’t an easy game like you don’t just glide through this thing and feel like a badass but despite it being difficult you do always feel like a badass in every way you are an over-the-top boss Ryden is essentially cutting through everything that’s the main mechanic of the game you kill a metal gear in the first level and like you do it with like a sword the Metal Gear series as a whole is obviously really good really intense lots of great moments but revengeance is a platinum gam and although it was obviously co-developed with hideo kojima you can tell it’s a platinum game it’s insane I look at no point are you ever like this this is something I’ve done before it’s not it’s it’s not even among Platinum Games it’s a fairly unique affair and the mechanics they invented for this thing are what make you feel badass period that’s that’s the end of the story and at.

Number 5 every cur began now stay with me for a minute on this one Kirby doesn’t really look like somebody we put on this list and as a mild confession it is somewhat of a joke somewhat of a joke however being a Kirby villain has to be pretty much pure suffering you as Kirby can basically absorb anything and use its powers and also end it forever on top of that he’s just a puffball little nothing like not threatening looking in any way but all these big bosses who have attained Universal cosmic power planning to take over the world basically can’t do anything against this guy he like inhales them yes I know that the bosses aren’t exactly just hey he walks up and inhales them but that’s how you dispatch basically every enemy in the game all these bad guys see this little pink POS show up and their teeth start chattering moving on to. 

Number 4 is prototype which like Kirby Alex Mercer has the ability to consume others and absorb their abilities but he also shape shifts in fact that is his primary superpower as a shapeshifter he has the ability to transform parts of his body into basically weapons and other types of upgrades but let’s say you want some claws to just slice through your enemies well guess what you’re a shape-shifter man you can do that you want your arm to be a blade why not you do you man what’s really cool about that is that prototype 2 actually grew out of a spider-man game that was being made but was obviously cancelled on account prototype to happen instead it uses the engine you can tell that a lot of the momentum ideas they had for that spider-man game made it into prototype 2 as well as the sequels protagonist James Heller retaining most of the ideas and abilities from the first game basically prototype rules at.

Number 3 is the dynasty Warriors series which started out of course very different than what we know as the dynasty Warriors of today the original was a fighting game but it ain’t that anymore obviously over the course dynasty Warriors became this big massive one versus army brawler we’re obviously impossible battles occur and if there is anything that should make you feel like a boss it is a good dynasty warriors fight and it’s not just that there’s also the spin-off games Fire Emblem warriors Hyrule warriors and the currently japan-only persona 5 scramble which was developed by Omega force all these games they’re like guess what as a competitor you are the biggest badass yes someone might be able to stop you but there has to be so many of them that you don’t know what to do about them otherwise they will not stop you these battles are always epic and totally insane nonsense and. 

number 2 is Hulk ultimate destruction which is an obviously totally insane game where you play as the Hulk look if you can imagine the rampage series but the Hulk and I mean like it’s very much rampage II there is often an actual point but when you surf on like a semi-truck through the road it doesn’t really matter it’s just kind of insane and fun like this is a game from way back it’s a ps2 game and some of the ridiculousness of that era is very apparent in this game you jump around like with tons of momentum you can destroy very large amounts of things including buildings and basically nobody has the ability to do anything to you so when you like land next to some guy who’s shooting bullets at you you can just like punch him flick them away like a fly shoo shoo don’t have any time for this that’s a boss and finally at. 

Number 1 is the doom 2016 reboot which if you learn the mechanics of is one of the most rewarding games to play as far as wanting to feel like you’re a badass because there’s no other way to feel if you do this game right you can chain so much crap together there’s just big loud and very destructive with all of these things that is running at you and every high octane moment feels like you’re some kind of amazing gunman you’re obviously the doom marine and that’s something but you’re not superhuman in any way you’re just insane with a gun that’s it I mean the original doom gave you this feeling as well it was for a slightly different reason and that was there really wasn’t anything like it the doom 2016 reboot goes out of its way to take on certain arcade elements of games combos etc to really make the experience feel like it’s centered on how powerful the character is and how cool it is you can do all this stuff and for me the moment I have access to the shotgun with the grappling hook in it in Doom eternal but we’re good quick bonus games for you crackdown which yeah we were a little disappointed with the new crackdown but as a whole crackdown is a pretty cool series and even crackdown 3 does somethings pretty cool by giving you a fully destructible environment in multiplayer even though it yeah could have been a bit better.

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