10 SURPRISE Single Player Hits of the Last 10 Years

10 SURPRISE Single Player Hits of the Last 10 Years

#1 there are so many gritty third-person shooters out there and it really takes a lot to stand out and really show itself as something more than the others and man did SpecOps a line do that and then some SpecOps really sets itself apart by just having an incredible campaign like from pretty much start to finish it’s got so many cool ideas that crammed into there as you make your way through a story that’s clearly influenced by classics like Apocalypse Now and heart of darkness the story really goes in some really dark and unexpected directions in ways that we weren’t used to seeing in games when it dropped in 2012 you play as Captain Martin Walker leader of a three-

#2 man elite Delta Force team sent into a sand storm ravaged by on a recon mission and ultimately have to fight your way through the city to take out your old commander Colonel John Conrad in doing so you’re going to fight through the city making a way through some really interesting and stressful combat encounters and really using the environment to your advantage whenever possible it’s really cool stuff honestly obviously the story goes places but we’re not going to spoil it here because when that stuff hits it hits hard and is super effective and worth the price of admission alone and it’s one of the coolest shooter campaigns we’ve seen in a while that said it still had its faults I mean yeah the multiplayer was kind of wack but this isn’t a list of ten great multiplayer games now is it the single-player

#3 still kicked ass in a way that we’re still talking about it eight years later and number nine we have the wolf among us in the studio is heyday telltale games really did put out some pretty great single-player experiences but if we had to pick just one we’d go with the wolf among us hands-down it’s a telltale game so you know you’re getting a well-made adventure game with a cool cel-shaded art style and some very very good characters and dialogue interactions yeah I killed him so what the wolf among us is based on a comic series fables although the game takes place around 20 years prior to that in 1986 Manhattan in a world where mythical creatures mask their appearance and live side-by-side with humans in this world your Bigby wolf formerly the big bad wolf and sheriff of Fable town the area of the city where these creatures tend to live and congregate while just going through the motions and doing his job big he falls into a web of murder and corruption that he has to unravel over the course of the rest of the game game plays what you’d

 #4 expect walking around and collecting environmental information navigating dialogue tree is making big moral decisions that will determine the story going forward and engaging in some really cool action scenes that were above and beyond the stuff you’d see in games like The Walking Dead up until that point it’s some of Telltale’s best work and if you haven’t checked it out yet what are you doing there’s a second one coming so get on it this is why everyone hates you at number 8 we have the Stanley parable now this game is strange you spawn into an office building and you’re just sort of walking around the environment and interacting with objects and other environmental elements the story is presented by a way of a narrator who is constantly telling you what’s

#5 going on as you explore and the story can branch and change based on your choices and the actions you perform it’s an incredibly simple game but it goes in some really weird and interesting places culminating in a total of 10 possible endings with a run of the game taking you around an hour anything else we say about this game would spoil the surprises but know that if you like a small short quirky game experience you probably like this one ok I’m going to stop you there now tell me about your experience with this new version would you say that the game benefited from allowing you more choices feel free to be honest I’m looking for some real critical feedback here a 1 and number 7 what remains of Edith Finch is a really interesting game this is a first-

#6 person exploration game where you play as a member of the Finch family who visits the Finch family home the finches are supposedly plagued with some curse that causes all but one member of each generation to die in unusual ways leaving one member to continue the family name the Finch house is a bit weird and as you explore it you learn how each family member died by exploring their bedrooms and their bedrooms act as a bit of a shrine I guess they seem to be left mostly untouched as you interact with each shrine you experience a memory of that family member with each one varying in gameplay and it shows you how that person dies this is very much one of the games you would use as an example when talking about video games as an art form the story is very well thought out and I honestly don’t think there is anything else like it their narrative hooks you almost immediately and learning more and more about this family over the course with the game is really cool because it’s a really interesting family and there are some really cool twists and turns so we don’t want to talk about because you know obviously spoilers if you’re

 #7 a fan of games like gone home and fire watch this is one that you definitely have to jump into because it’s one of the weirder ones in this genre of games at number six brothers a tale of two sons has a really cool gameplay mechanic one that really makes it stand out you take on the role of two brothers obviously that set out to find a cure for their sick father and what’s really cool is you control both brothers at the same time so it’s kind of like a single-player co-op game I guess each brother is controlled by one of two thumb sticks so you have control of both brothers at once while you explore environment solving puzzles and fighting bosses this is a killer game one that gets pretty emotional to like it definitely hits you in the fields a bit and it’s made by the dude who made a way out which is a great co-op game as well so this dude gets co-op he knows what he’s doing he’s also a film director and his experience with that 100% carries over into this game I’d highly recommend checking both of his games out honestly because they’re both very good and number 5 undertale was a game that seemingly came out of nowhere it looks like yet another retro style cutesy adventure game but what it did with the story and its approach to just combat and classic RPG stuff in general is what really makes it stand out what starts out as a simple adventure of you a young boy falling into a mysterious underground quickly become something much more filled with interesting creatures friendly and otherwise how you engage with them was the cool part when encountering a monster do you try to kill them in combat you flee or attempt to befriend them there’s exploration puzzles fun gameplay sequences and lots of interesting dialogue and choices couple this with a cool aesthetic and some great music and you’ve

 #8 got a match made in heaven for many players out there [Music] moving on to number 4 we have subnautica and this is a wild one at a glance I get how it can just seem like another crafting and survival game but it really does feel like so much more than that crash-landed and trapped on an alien world surrounded by nothing but water you have to explore and craft your way back to safety and off of the planet but there’s also a really cool alien mystery to pursue and unravel over the course of the game and then doing so it’s a long lonely journey in a desolate ocean where you’ll only occasionally get a radio transmission from another person or pick up logs from the crew mates who perish in the crash you’re constantly finding new ways to go deeper and explore harsher more remote parts of the ocean mean the craft new personal gear and eventually stepping your game up to build full-on submarines on the light that can Nestle smaller vessels inside of it all while managing resources and power and the like to make sure you don’t get stranded at the bottom of the ocean with no way out while avoiding and fending off the dangerous wildlife that lurks beneath the surface it’s a really interesting spin on the survival genre and you haven’t really seen a ton like it aside from the subnautica below zero a standalone expansion that takes place on a different frozen part of the same planet a year later so it really stands out and honestly we’re kind of crazy about it next up at number three we have hell-blade senua sacrifice I’m sure by now you all know that we’re big fans of hell-blade over here and for good reason inhale blade you play a sin you wa who was journeying to Helheim to rescue the soul of her dead lover from the goddess hello but there’s way more in the game than that senua suffers from psychosis and the dev team actually worked with neuroscientists and nonprofit organizations to make sure that they included it right and made sure that it was accurately represented and it was a pretty intense representation all of the visual effects on-screen

 #9 the voices in her head etc etc the gameplay is definitely the weakest part of the game which I know doesn’t sound good for a video game but it isn’t bad by any means I don’t want you to think that it’s bad it’s good enough to move the game along but the gameplay itself just isn’t the point of the game it’s 100% about Sega’s journey also milena Jergens performance and I’m sorry if I just butchered her name as sin Uwe is unreal she also had no experience with motion capture and voice acting and was just acting as a stand-in but she did such a good job but they just rolled with it hell blade is amazing and it’s definitely something that you have to play coming down to number two we have a plague tale innocence this is an interesting one leading up to the launch it seemed very you know just like whatever then it launches and it felt like a big-budget game and it was thrilling and it took a lot of people by surprise and has very much become another hell-blade type game like a smaller unassuming game that you have to play you play as a messiah during 1349 and we’re france as it’s being ravaged by a vicious plague as all of that is going on you’re trying to get your brother through it most of the game is stealth based actually you have one weapon the slingshot type of thing which can be used to cause distraction stun guards etc the game also has these insane waves of rats like oceans of rats like World War Z zombies rats like dead rats rats that will eat you and you have to keep them at bay with stuff like fire but you can also send them after enemies to devour them which you know it’s kind of messed up taking care of your brother doesn’t

 #10 ever come off as a chore either which is good seeing that you know the whole game unlike Ashley and Resident for keeping him safe isn’t annoying like I said before this is an interesting one that just came out of nowhere and got everyone’s attention for good reason and this game was also gorgeous it’s so nice to look at and has some amazing environments finally a number one we have near automata man where to start with this one it certainly is an interesting one what probably seems like your usual Japanese action RPG at first really gets weirder and more interesting as you get deeper into it especially after you spend a good six to ten hours hacking and slashing your way through the game you reach the end and it’s let’s say less than climactic or satisfying in most games you’d be like well guess that’s it but not here at that point you’ve just seen the first ending the a ending one of 26 possible endings and five main endings and honestly the game doesn’t really reach its real ending until you Raab endings a through e and even then there are 21 other bad endings to discover and see if you really want to with the 5 runs of the game taking around 40 hours you’re gonna have a ton of time to really explore this post humanity world getting deep into the games truly interesting combat system and experiencing the story that like we’re not gonna spoil anything here because it’s a true unique experience and we don’t want to ruin anything about it let’s just say that it goes places and we’ll

 #11 just leave it at that definitely experience it knowing as little as possible if you can because it really is one of the wildest single-player experiences we’ve played in a very long time and before we go we just have some quick bonuses for you first okay of life is strange this is one where after seeing the first trailer for it I knew it wasn’t for me then for some reason I played it anyway and I fell absolutely in love with it yeah it’s pretty cheesy and at times it feels like an even cheesy or CW show but it had a lot of heart and some really really cool characters and finally we have titanfall 2 this one was a huge surprise seeing that the first one didn’t have a campaign so I don’t think any of us were really expecting much from titanfall 2 then we get an awesome buddy-cop story with some of the best time-traveling stuff i’ve seen in video games ever those are 10 surprisingly 

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