10 Video Game Villains WE FELT BAD FOR

10 Video Game Villains WE FELT BAD FOR

Hi folks its Falcon and today on game ranks 10 game villains we felt bad for it just as a really quick disclaimer this is going to contain spoilers for all the games we’re talking about so please understand and have ample warning spoiler alert starting off at

Number #10 is left over from The Witcher to let though was a hired assassin who is set out to get the heads of Kings and also a Witcher yes it did get Geralt wrongly prosecuted but he had good intentions as do many of the villains that we’ll be mentioning on this list let was hired by nilfgaard as in order to assassinate their enemy faction rulers to weaken their morale so they could take over however less was promised that all witchers would be granted a safe haven and will be treated fairly and equally let thought just wanted his kind to be deemed humans not abominations basically he was trying to do something that was bad in order to negotiate a deal in which his kind were dealt with as equals instead of as freaks I mean it’s really not that hard to understand why he’d take on this kind of a contract if nilfgaard won and controlled everything and honored their end of the bargain witcher’s would be in a much better place societally speaking it’s just that his deeds were definitely bad and definitely negatively impact another witcher geralt specifically moving on to

Number #9 low gain Mac tier from Dragon Age Origins low gain is such a well written bad guy like at the start you’re like that’s gonna be the bad guy he just exudes bad guy and he does kind of take over well not really kind of like fully takes over and he’s kind of paranoid and really does some bad stuff like allowing albs to be sold into slavery but the more you hear about his motives the more you hear him talk you’re just like you just wanted to give you a chance man look just make the right choices can you do that for me now if you do give him a chance and recruit him into your party you do very much offend Alastair and that’s that for him he’s gone I mean this for obvious reasons low gain denies him as an heir for the kingdom and essentially usurped and in a lot of scenarios attempts to stage a coup but if you do recruit him and you learn more about him after the fact he’s actually pretty gracious and humble and does learn his lesson it comes at quite a cost though let’s just say moving on to

Number #8 it’s Kessler from infamous now if you want to talk about a morally ambiguous character Kessler is the guy to start with who it’s really hard to say anything other than gray morally gray yeah he’s of course the bad guy he’s the antagonist of the story the big bad he’s also you from a desolate future come back to try to put things right I mean the way that he picks to do it which is to come back and be a bad guy he’s odd a bit strange so to speak but it did work it did make you Cole commit to be ready for the beasts coming so it worked and

Number #7 is general Tullius from skyrim now there’s actually quite a few reasons you could put Tully us on this list it’s my opinion the main reason is that he understands the conflict going on the Civil War might seem like it’s a rebellion like it’s about freedom for Skyrim etc etc but is ultimately a ploy by the Thalmor not necessarily entirely but the Thalmor are who benefits from it they also make sure that the Stormcloaks are armed and dangerous and have supplies and funding and well it’s almost like they want the fight to keep happening you find all this out if you kill this man by siding with the Stormcloaks and hunting him down and in truth this gentleman proves that he understands the situation probably better than anyone else but conceding to the Stormcloaks about the general decadence of the empire but asserting with his final words that they are not the it’s the Thalmor of course if you’re hearing him say that stuff you still gotta kill him but he makes a very good point if the Thalmor decides they want a full-on war weakening the empire by splitting Skyrim off is a good strategy

Number #6 is Josh from until dawn now let’s just start off by saying Josh is kind of mentally ill that doesn’t exempt anyone from bad guy status but here’s the thing the stunts he pulled really weren’t intended to hurt anyone he basically punched a couple of people and put movie props in some places on top of that josh is the only character that can’t get a happy ending he either gets trapped in the mines and turns into one of the monsters or he gets his head beaten in like there aren’t any other choices for him and yeah his actions are ultimately huge causes of big problems but it’s hard not to just feel bad for him

Number #5 is nears Shadow Lord now probably the biggest spoiler you can give is that Shadow Lord is the original near more specifically it’s near separated from nears body and has the exact same goals as the replicant near who you play as the Shadow Lord just wants to save his daughter and humanity obviously Shadow Lord is coming from a bit different of a perspective however as replicant near as he is actually 1330 years old now it’s hard to fault him for any of this stuff obviously gets pretty messed up through the course of the game and like near automata it’s a confusing game however it’s actually near his death shadow Lords death that causes near automata honestly we could literally talk for hours about the stories of either of these games they’re brilliant sad melancholic and will cause you to think so much the

Number #4 is Logan from fable three the protagonist from fable two is his parent and after the protagonist dies he takes over and while the industrial revolution continues for a while and people don’t necessarily hate first eventually become seen as sort of like a dictator pain and suffering isn’t really a big deal to him and the advancement of the kingdom and industry is this usually isn’t something that people love in a ruler but as you confront him about this later in the story and after some choices you can make you find that he really didn’t want to be the ruler he really didn’t want to be doing what he was doing he thought it was the only thing he could do he also says to you the hero of fable three that you did what he couldn’t which is save the kingdom part of the problem here is that he’s also your sibling and it’s kind of impossible for your character at least not necessarily you to hate him despite his horrific actions early in the game at

Number #3 is handsome Jack from Borderlands 2 who is of course not a cool dude however he has a background that makes you understand a lot of who he is his father died when he was young and rather than take care of him like a mother you know you’d hope would do his mother turned him over to his grandmother who was abusive now does that necessarily excuse him for being a dictator not necessarily but the more you understand him and his decline mentally the harder it is to hate him in fact by the end of the game although you definitely want him out of power it’s really hard not to pity handsome Jack as with a lot of people who have issues with control in the world he ended up taking it to an extreme I mean again dictator not cool but in a lot of ways is a tragedy that could have been averted simply by a parent showing a child love it’s hard not to think that he wouldn’t have become what he was with a different background and

Number #2 is Andrew Ryan in Bioshock now well the ideology of Andrew Ryan is not necessarily one that is sympathetic I think that he was outwardly wrong and a lot of things that he did however his motives for building rapture are simply that of freedom he didn’t want to have greater powers such as this or any other corrupt consolidation of power breathing down his neck I get that I feel that myself I kind of think we all do but obviously things went horrific ly wrong and as the situation in the city developed he clearly became something that he did not set out to be while it was touted as scientific progress a lot of the things that happened in rapture are utterly horrific such as the experimentation on young girls the concept of the little sister’s horrific and ultimately Andrew Ryan became power-hungry to try to preserve a utopian vision that just never materialized his last moments are haunting he understands the gravity the weight of everything that happened and was clearly just waiting around for his own death again this doesn’t make him a good guy I mean we’re obviously talking about villains who did bad things but I certainly saw the humanity and Andrew Ryan at the end and at

Number #1 is Rubik from the evil within now while some unsavory things are said about his love for his sister ultimately putting that aside what he really wanted was peace he wanted to live out his days in his own skin with his sister in the stem system he was experimented on in his eyes tortured and in a lot of ways he’s not really the bad guy although he is obviously the antagonist this guy experienced too much loss it’s not fair

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