Play GTA Online in April And Get a MASSIVE Free Reward

Rockstar Games announces that anyone playing Grand Theft Auto Online in April will receive $ 500,000 absolutely free.

Play GTA Online in April And Get a MASSIVE Free Reward

Rockstar Games has confirmed that those who enter Grand Theft Auto Online this month will receive a very good cash bonus just for that. Grand Theft Auto 5 continued to sell like hotcakes long after its release, constantly putting it on the list of best-selling games almost every month. This is a real feat for any title, not to mention the one that was originally launched in 2013, and Rockstar has yet to break away from gas – constantly upload new updates for the online component of the title.

Yes, Grand Theft Auto Online received updates after an update for fans and probably the reason gamers continued to buy GTAV long after its initial release. Rockstar Games has pushed itself even further by offering Grand Theft Auto 5 as a free service through the Xbox Game Pass, as well as the Sony PlayStation Now game streaming service. It was a pretty wild ride for the publisher to take on one of the industry’s most controversial franchises, and Rockstar Games is not quite ready to let this base of players get out of hand.

Going to Twitter, Rockstar Games announced that players who enter Grand Theft Auto Online this month (April 2020) will receive half a million dollars for this. A one-time money offer will be automatically credited to the user’s fictional account with Maze Bank. If the money does not appear instantly, then there is no need to be afraid, as the developer repeated that it may take up to seven real days for the amount of $ 500,000 to appear in the game. After that, players can spend it on whatever they want.

Play GTA Online in April And Get a MASSIVE Free Reward

It is clear that this incentive is to encourage the community to return to GTA Online, and there are many advantages to this. Rockstar Games has just announced that 5% of all proceeds from Red Dead Online and GTA Online will go to the corresponding efforts to help coronavirus. It may well turn out to be a penny, especially if a $ 500,000 freebie is a strong enough incentive in the eyes of the losing players.

In addition to GTA Online, many gamers seem ready for Grand Theft Auto 6 to become a reality. As the next-generation consoles in the form of the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 will be released at the end of 2020, a blockbuster such as GTA6 will be a long-awaited delay for what was a very difficult year for everyone. We hope that all the news about the Grand Theft Auto sequel will drop out sooner or later.

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